Year 5 Newsletter Week 2 Term 3

Welcome Parents to the first edition of the Year 5 Newsletter for Term 3. It has been amazing to see how the students have grown over the holidays and to hear all about the adventures that they embarked on. We have had a busy start to the term and I hope you enjoy reading a little about the past fortnight below.

Jacaranda Mufti Day: Congratulations to the Mrs Joanne Reed and her fellow Jacaranda staff who were able to organise a very successful Mufti Day on Wednesday (even though the heavens opened up). The Jacaranda students sold lots of goodies at the bake sale and this raised a good amount of money for the chosen charity. Thursday saw the BBQ lunch in action where the burgers were a hit! A big thank you to the Jacaranda families who assisted in sending in baked goods for the sale and for those who could lend a hand on the day. Many hands make light work.  

Reading focus: Throughout the year, the students have been building on their comprehension skills through small group and individual reading tasks. They have been able to read a variety of texts and to share their understanding. This term, we will be having more of a focus on having the students retell parts of the text that they have read. The tricky part is being able to retell the sentence in their own words and to replace some words with synonyms. As part of the school’s reading program (SHARP) we encourage the students to use the sentence starter ‘I think that means…’ when retelling their understanding of what has been read. In the beginning, the students may retell using the exact same words in the sentence. This is referred to as ‘Parroting’. They then try and change a few words when retelling. Over time we are hoping that they can replace as many words as possible to show their understanding. This is referred to as ‘convince me’. Please take the time at home to discuss this process with your child when they are independently reading. You may want to model it yourself. See what score they give you! :-).

Library Focus: ‘Gorilla’ by Anthony Brown. How do illustrators enhance the text/story?

Similar to the classroom reading focus, the students have been retelling what the text is about by using their ‘visualisation’ skills. This week, they listened to the text being read (first without images) and used their senses to make lists of words that they visualised. 

Next, they studied the images and compared these to the sentences in the text.  

Writing: We are currently delving into the world of newspapers and looking at the different features that make them eye catching. The children have learnt about Headlines, Kickers, Hammers and Slammers. Askyour child next time you are reading a newspaper at home to see if they can tell you about what feature is what.

Mathematics: This term we will be focussing on estimating and multiplication when working on problem solving tasks involving perimeter. Here are some of the lesson learning intentions below;

  • Estimate large numbers
  • Use strategies to estimate large numbers
  • Understanding of how to calculate the area of a shape
  • Calculate the amount of rice grains in an area
  • Calculate the area of an irregular shape and the amount glitter within it

You can also see below for other areas of focus. 

  • Use a compass to draw circles
  • Concentric circles drawn with a compass
  • Use and protractor to draw angles within a circle
  • Different angles drawn with a protractor
  • Create a six pointed star using a compass and protractor
  • Create an irregular shape using a compass and protractor

Science: ‘Solids, liquids and gases have different observable properties and behave in different ways’

As you may have heard all about (well, we hope you have!) our trip to the Science Museum, you will know that our focus this term is on how the properties of matter undergo change. You may hear your child referring to the changing states of matter and we are encouraging them to use any newly learnt vocabulary when they can. Words such as, solids, liquids, gases, matter, changing properties, chemical change, physical change and molecules may be heard around the home. We endeavour to have the students involved in experiments also this term to have them grasp the concept of how temperature can alter the properties of matter. This is such a fun unit and we look forward to fostering our students love of Science and curiosity. 

Wellbeing: This term, Year 5 are fortunate to have a qualified Yoga instructor (Barbarah Dudman) lead the whole year level in a once a fortnight session. Year 5 have it on Wednesday mornings (Day 8).  Just a reminder that each student will need to bring a mat or towel on this day each fortnight. Thank you in advance for this. 

Students had their first session this week and here is a response from one of the students; 

“It made me more relaxed and I could enjoy the day even more”. Samantha 5R

“Yoga is a good way to help you to calm down if you are stressing about anything”. Hanna 5A

“It gave me some time to be mindful”. Jason 5P

“I enjoyed doing yoga because I could get in touch with my inner peace”. Vihaan 5B

“It allowed me to get rid of any bad feelings I had inside of me.” Imogen 5B

We hope you have enjoyed learning a little about what is currently happening in Year 5 and look forward to filling you in next edition.

Thank you for reading,

The Year 5 Team.

Jo Reed, Olivia Ashton, Matt Price and Ben Picker