Year 5 Newsletter Term 3 Week 6

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the latest Year 5 Newsletter. Once again we have been very busy with a range of activities taking place over the past fortnight. We hope you enjoy catching up on it all below.

Cyber Safety and Safe ICT Use

This week, we were very lucky to have Australian Cybersafety specialist, Susan Maclean join us and speak to our Upper Primary students. A very worthwhile session of wise words and helpful hints.  Susan really got our students thinking and some poignant questions arose. Today your child has taken home the worksheet that they used during this session. They have been asked to show you and explain what was spoken about. Susan spoke of this as a contract in which it was shared, discussed and signed by the parents and the child and returned to the classroom teacher. 

We do appreciate your continued support in

contacting your child through the Primary Office, if necessary. This helps us

to ensure that mobile phones are not used throughout the day.

Primary Music Recital

An amazing number of Primary Students took part in the Annual Music Recital. It is always an incredible showcase of the skills and musical talents that we have here at AISHK. For those who got to watch it, you would agree that the students did incredibly well and showed resilience and bravery. Congratulations to the following students; 5B – Letty Chan, Heidi Bates, Nikolas Camo, William Holt, 5P – Aiden Sun, Daniel McNeil, Summer Hartnett, Valerie Dy, Lucas Cheng and Petra Ng. 5R – Bella vujanovic, Samuel Chan, Lucas Woodyard, Conrad Lo and Samantha McKinlay. 5A – Felix Waters, Marcus Chan, James Goh, Teariki Short and Michelle Kim. Also a special mention to the Year 5 students who displayed their skills in the Guitar Ensemble’. 

Book Week

Thank you for supporting your child during this years Book Week where the students could use their knowledge of books they have read to compete in the book quiz. The week also saw the students of AISHK vote for their favourite nominated book. The wonderful week was wrapped up with a variety of Super Heroes and Book Characters taking to the field for the parade. There were some great efforts with the dress ups. A big thank you to Mrs Nicole Atkins who ran a smooth Book Week and an entertaining assembly.


Writing: Newspaper text structure, their special features and how they position the reader is all part of our focus for writing this past fortnight. The students have really enjoyed being able to use their knowledge to create catchy headlines and eye appealing front pages for their own newspapers. It is always enjoyable to see the natural journalists in the class really shine and to show their skills.

Reading: The students are by now well under way with their whole class reading sessions and small group activities where their main focus is to ‘convince’ the teacher that they understand what they have just read. This is a comprehension skill that can be used at home when listening to your child read. Please choose a paragraph from your child’s book and encourage them to retell you in their own words what it is they have just read. 


As part of our iMaths investigation titled ‘Dynamic Dominoes’, the students will be exploring fractions, where they will learn how to order, add and subtract them. We will revisit past investigations, where they applied their knowledge of equivalent fractions. At the end of the investigation the students will plan and design an educational game of dominoes. The facts students will write on their domino tiles are from topics covering concepts in the Number and Algebra content strand. However, students also need to work logically through patterns to design a workable set of domino tiles.


As you would be aware, the students have been really enjoying the Science unit of solids, liquids and gases. Plenty of hands on lessons have allowed the students to plan, question, hypothesis, observe and learn from their experiments. The Fathers Day classroom activity was a great way for the students to display and show off their scientific vocabulary when implementing a science experiment to show changing states of matter. Please see some photos below. 


It surely has been a busy term with swimming lessons coming to an end this week. Thank you for helping to support your child to be responsible in bringing in their appropriate items for their lessons. Swimming is a lifelong skill and the lessons they have been doing up in the pool have been very beneficial. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our fortnightly newsletter and we look forward to keeping you up to date in the next few weeks.


The Year Five Team,

Mrs Joanne Reed, Ms Olivia Ashton, Mr Matthew Price and Mr Ben Picker.