Year 5 Newsletter Term 3 Week 4

Dear Parents,

Welcome to our next edition of the Year 5 Newsletter. Once again, we have had an action packed fortnight with our first typhoon day and some science experiments taking place in class. 


Year 5 students had their second yoga session of the term on Wednesday. It has been amazing to see how much of a positive impact it has on each student. Such a great way to start the school day. Please see some photos below. 

On Monday, staff at the school had a meeting to discuss the current issues happening in Hong Kong and how this may be affecting the students. Parents will be invited to register for an information session to be held next Tuesday 20 August, 8:30am-9:00am. We hope that this will assist parents who are finding the current situation in Hong Kong unsettling, and the students who are needing some support at this time. An email will be sent out soon. 


For reading and writing, we are continuing with our unpacking of newspapers and how their layout, structure and types of headlines ‘position’ the reader. The students have looked at different styles of newspapers both paper and online versions and have worked hard to create headlines of their own current affairs. With everything happening here in Hong Kong, the students have been able to see how similar articles are written by different journalists and how they can try to position you as a reader. The homework tasks have been a fun way to consolidate their learning about headlines. We look forward to having the students share with you what they have been doing in class.


The students are well involved in their ‘changing states of matter’ journey as part of the Science Unit on Solids, Liquids and Gases. They have enjoyed undertaking a variety of experiments in the classroom and have learnt about how Scientists ‘hypothesis’ before experimenting. Some of these include, using cornstarch to make ‘ooblek’ to show both a solid and liquid and the melting of crayons. They have also recorded their observations and drawn diagrams. Please ask them about what they have learnt about molecules and what role temperature plays in changing the matter.  


It has been hands on this past week with the students learning about angles. They have learnt how to use compasses to create perfect circles and have drawn and measured angles using protractors. The students have used their number knowledge to estimate and then problem solve how many grains of rice or sequins can fit into their shape. It has been exciting to see some designs that the students have created as part of our iMaths unit on ‘Area’. Please see a few examples in the photos below.


Assembly and Fathers’ Day

On Friday 30th August, AISHK are celebrating Fathers’ Day. There will be more information coming out soon so please stay tuned. Year 5 are hosting the assembly starting at approximately 9:00am on the same morning. Please be aware of the change of time from the normal assembly time. We would love to see as many of you as possible at our assembly. We will be singing a lovely Father’s Day themed song and normal class awards will be given.

For our Fathers’ Day activity can we please ask that you send a small plastic bottle in to school with your child. There will be more reminders in the next week. Thank you in advance for this.

Book Week 

As you would be aware, Book Week is starting next Monday 18th August. More information about this will be circulated about the various events.