Year 4 Newsletter, Term 3, Week 4

Dates to note:

Week 5 Book Week

Thursday, 22nd August 1:15 – 2:45 Year 3 / 4 Music Recitals

Friday, 23rd August Book character dress-up day

Friday, 23rd August 9:15 Years 3 – 6 Book Week Assembly



For both reading and writing we are continuing the deep unpacking and application of new skills considering point of view around ‘Voices in the Park’ by Anthony Browne.  This is a very rick text of a simple trip to the park, told from 4 different perspectives. Students are learning to consider all aspects of the book to get a feel for the perspective of the main character.  We have explored different fonts, size and thickness of writing as well as placement on the page. We have looked closely at the pictures which support the text. But primarily we have looked at words and phrases that give an overall impression of character and feelings.  In writing lessons we have used this to change a piece of text to a different ‘voice’.


Our ‘Plenty of Pikelets’ unit was rounded off with the planning, purchasing, making and eating of pikelets this week.  In the planning part, students had to know the ingredients and research the costs online to ensure they would not go over budget. Each group took their shopping lists to Taste at Festival Walk and purchased what they needed to make the pikelets.  If the budget stretched, they could also buy some fun ‘extras’ to put on their pikelets. This was a great incentive to come under budget, possibly sharing costs with another group, for the basic ingredients. A running total as they shopped ensured they kept to their budget.  Finally came the cooking part of the procedure, and what that was fun! We used the 7th floor Food Technology room to measure, mix and cook the pikelets. And the best part, of course, was eating them! Our thanks to the many parents who helped each class to make this such a success!

Primary Disco

Please be reminded that there will be a Primary Disco on Friday, 23rd August from 3:30 – 5:30 with an under the sea theme.  Students can continue to wear their Book Week outfits or bring a casual outfit to wear. The cost is $ 30 and students will pay at the door.

Missing Gear

We have been noticing an increasing number of students who do not have the resources they need at school, such as swimming or PE uniform, trainers, homework, etc.  We try really hard to let you know what is needed via email or the Homework Diary (and sometimes the newsletter) each week. Please help your daughter or son to plan for the day ahead and have everything for the smooth running of each day.



The Year 4 Team

Suzanne Sinclair

Celestine Yeung

Susan Blumenthal

Mark Wnek