Year 4 newsletter, Term 3, Week 2

Welcome back to another action-packed term!  It has been great to get back into routine and for the students to see their friends again.  We have heard stories of many wondrous places that families have visited. Our children are truly lucky to have such rich experiences!  Our lovely new students have settled in well to the routines of AISHK and we are happy to have them amongst us.  

Dates to note:

Saturday, 10th August Summer Soiree

Week 3 / 4 Parents helpers needed for shopping and cooking (class reps

 are onto this)

Friday, 16th August Teacher-only day

Week 5 Book Week

Friday, 23rd August Book character dress-up day


During this term, English centers around an author’s positioning in their writing and their consideration for appeal to a certain audience.  This can be done with the length and complexity of a story, sentence structure, variation of font and size of print as well as point of view.  Our reading and writing study will be around the book ‘Voices in the Park’ by Anthony Browne as well as other short books that illustrate those points. 

Library News from Mrs Atkins

Term Three is always a wonderful celebration of children’s literature at AISHK. The theme for Book Week 2019 is ‘Reading is my Super Power’ and reading does indeed give us powers: the power to walk in the shoes of others through their stories; the power to escape into other worlds; the power to improve vocabulary and imagination…the list goes on. In weeks 1-3, all classes will read the shortlisted picture books and in week 4, the boys and girls will vote for their favourite book. The winners will be announced during the Book Week assemblies.

Please follow the link below for a full explanation of upcoming Library events:


‘Plenty of Pikelets’ is the title of our current Maths unit. Apart from the obvious fun of cooking and eating, students will spend time during this unit increasing and reducing measurements, reading graduated scales, preparing a simple budget, working out prices and making change.  All very valid mathematical skills, but with a fun element! Each class will be planning and budgeting for ingredients, purchasing and then making pikelets. Great times ahead!


‘What Lies Beneath Our Feet?’ is the title of our new Science unit and as you know, we kicked it off with an excursion to the Stephen Hui Geological Museum at Hong Kong University last week.  Students were fascinated to find out more about this Earth that they thought they already knew! They looked at the composition of rocks and soil, dinosaur eggs, special rocks that glow in the dark, fossils, the layers inside the Earth – crust, mantle, outer core and inner core, volcanoes, earthquakes and tectonic plates!  Wow – such a lot of new concepts to take in.  


Below is a table for Sport until the end of Week 6.  Week 7 onwards will be a changed timetable to accommodate swimming instruction for Year 4 students.  We will let you know more about those changes closer to the time.


The Year 4 Team

Suzanne Sinclair

Celestine Yeung

Susan Blumenthal

Mark Wnek