Year 3 Term 3 Week 2 Newsletter

Another week comes to a close, and what a busy week it has been in Year 3! Here is a brief recap of Week 2, and what we have to look forward to in Week 3:


We started this term by reading ‘Ziba Came on a Boat’ and in groups, we sequenced some images from the text in order. We then wrote captions for each picture, explaining what we knew from the text. Next week, we will continue to look at Ziba and discuss the similarities and differences between our life and Ziba’s. We will also complete a ‘step inside’ of this character before completing some diary entries from the perspective of Ziba.  Ask your child what this book was about and how the book was read to them in the first lesson (Hint: It’s about refugees and it was initially read without pictures).

Next week we will start learning about public speaking in preparation for the Year 3/4 Speech Showcase. We will learn about what makes a good speech and what to think about when public speaking. Over the next few weeks, the students will learn to plan, rehearse and deliver an oral presentation in an organised and engaging manner. The students will start with a 30-second speech, then progress to a 60 second, 90 second and then finally a two minute speech.


The first few weeks this term, we have been learning about multiplication and the Distributive Law as part of our first investigation for the semester . Our iMaths investigation is called “Smarty Pants”, it will include multiplication, organising data and interpreting graphs. The investigation will culminate in students writing a maths test for their peers on times tables and multiplication. Students will then graph the results of their group and analyse the results. Ask your child about the Distributive Law and see if they can explain it to you.    (Hint: 52 x 3 = (50 x 3) + (2 x 3) = (150) + (6) = 156 )


This term, our Science unit of work is based around classification of animals. We started this week by look at living, non-living and once-living things and identifying the difference between these two. We have learnt about the acronym MRS GREN (Movement, Respiration, Sensitivity, Growth, Reproduction, Excretion, Nutrition). This acronym explains what animals and plants need to demonstrate to classified as living things. Ask your child to explain to you the difference between living, non-living and once-living things and give examples for each.

Next Tuesday, we will have our Jurassic Garage incursion. This company will bring in a range of animals to show the students and lead some discussion into how they are classified (ie reptiles, mammals, insects etc). We are sure the students will love this.

Important dates for the term:

As we look ahead to Term 3, here is what’s in store and some important dates to remember:

  • Tuesday 6th August, Year 3 Parent Camp Information Session @ 8:15am
  • Tuesday 6th August, Year 3 Incursion from Jurassic Garage
  • Friday 16th August; No school for students
  • 22nd August, Primary Music Recitals
  • Week 5 (19th– 23rd August), Book Week
  • 28th August, Eucalypt Mufti Day
  • Week 7 – Week 9, Swimming Begins
  • Week 7 Thursday 5th September- Year 3 & 4 Speech Final
  • 11th– 13th September, Year 3 Camp at Dragonfly, Sai Kung (more details to follow)
  • Week 9, Wakka Wakka Talent Show
  • Friday 21stSeptember, Term 3 Concludes