Year 3 Newsletter Term 3 Week 6

Welcome to our next edition of the Year 3 Newsletter. Our classrooms have certainly been overbrimming with learning and investigations.


We are wrapping up the study of our book, Ziba Came on a Boat. The students are starting to understand from which perspective a story is being told and have empathised with the plight of Ziba and her family from circumstances very different from the lives we live in Hong Kong. They are developing a deeper understanding of the difference between a narrator and an author. Their insight is incredibly mature and their writing has been improving with a focus on adjectives, adverbs, dynamic dialogue and paragraphs.

Next, we will look at a book called Suri’s Wall  by Lucy Estrela.  We will examine the language used and examine what makes this book so effective. Students will explore how the concepts within this book are linked to Ziba Came on a Boat. They will also have the opportunity to use their own imagination to write and illustrate a scene from the book. Ask your child about the book, ‘Suri’s Wall’. How did it make them feel? What was the message in the book?



Planting and watching seeds grow is an enjoyable and fascinating activity for many students. Our new investigation called ‘Sprouting Surprises’ adds a scientific perspective, by asking students to predict the effect changed conditions might have on the growth of plants. Students have either changed the soil, watering or light conditions. Ask your child what have they changed about their investigation? Other skills that the students will learn and/or practise include measurement (converting between mm and cm and between ml and L) and organising and recording data.



Over the last few weeks, we’ve been exploring classification of animals; Living, Once Living and Non-Living. To complement this unit each classroom has set up its own mini aquaponics tank. In theory it is meant to be a self-cleaning fish tank that self-fertilises the plants. Unfortunately each class has also experienced the death of a goldfish (or two). Therefore, we all clearly understand the concept of Once Living. On a brighter side, the wheatgrass above the tanks has flourished. Some students even tasted the first harvest.

The students are now starting to learn about Food Chains, as we investigate what happens when an animal becomes extinct. Ask your child about food chains and how an extinct animal can affect these.

In the coming weeks we will look at the difference between endangered, extinct, vulnerable and critically endangered animals. Students will look at the list of endangered or critically endangered animals and will have an opportunity to choose which animal they would like to do more research on. Ask your child which animal they would like to do some research on and why.

Important dates for the term:

As we look ahead here is what’s in store and some important dates to remember:

  • Week 7 – Week 9, Swimming Begins
  • 11th– 13th September, Year 3 Camp at Dragonfly, Sai Kung
  • Week 9, Wakka Wakka Talent Show
  • Friday 20th September, Term 3 Concludes


If there’s somethin’ strange in your neighbourhood. Who ya gonna call?

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