Year 3 & 8 Mathematics Investigation

The Year 3’s current mathematics investigation required students to create a maths multiplication quiz for people in various age groups, then mark and record the results. The secondary mathematics department was kind enough to allow the Year 3 students to quiz the Year 8 students.

The quiz focused only on multiplication. Year 3’s have been learning about the basics of the distributive law and vertical multiplication involving 2-digit x 1-digit with regrouping. The Year 3 students were exceptionally excited by the prospect of quizzing older students and it provided great motivation for students to master this concept.

Whilst completing the quiz students compared their own process of working out to the Year 8’s working out. Results are completely anonymous however early indications suggest the Year 8’s were a little rusty at first but excelled in the end.

Year 3 would like to thank Year 8 for their involvement. As you can read below both age groups thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


Year 8 Student 1:

Throughout this experiment, I felt slightly stressed (especially when my kid brought out a stopwatch) but overall I was relatively happy with my first result. My second test definitely disappointed as I got beaten by a Year 3 with the more challenging questions and made some careless mistakes. However, I did enjoy the experiment since it was a more fun way of revising multiplication and it was rather fun being intimidated by much more academically advanced Year 3s.

PS I definitely do not remember Year 3 maths to be this challenging.

Year 8 Student 2

At first, I was a little uninterested, but overall I enjoyed it. I discovered that with age, we become smarter and learn new skills, I could see that as the Year 3s had other methods to do multiplication.

I enjoyed their challenge, but more importantly, I saw their love, interest and curiosity in Maths in their bright faces.

Year 3 Student 1

I was really nervous because I thought they would know all the answers really easily. But they actually took their time and some even got confused.

Year 3 Student 2

It was really fun I wish I could do it again. Because we got to look at their methods of maths to see if it was the same as ours. I thought it was interesting because of how they calculated it.