Year 2 Newsletter Term 3 Week 6

Dear Parents

As we rush headlong into Week 7, and gear up towards our Stella the Starfish play, your lovely little people should now be tormenting you with a sneaky burst of our songs, and perhaps a couple of cheeky little dance moves. It is shaping up well in rehearsals and our set is looking great. Thanks to all of the parents who were able to come in and help. Could we please remind you to send in a bag (labelled with your child’s name) that can be used to hold all of their belongings when we get changed in and out of our costumes. Those bags will stay in the classroom until the play is finished.

We had a busy and exciting week this week. In English, we continued with our writing of persuasive and informative texts and are beginning to move onto narratives. Ask your child about how they make the start of their stories exciting with a sizzling start to hook you in. In Maths, we got started on using times tables as a multiplication strategy. We even ventured into problem solving and division. Division is a very tricky concept and demands to be revisited many times for consolidation and depth of understanding. Once the basic concept is understood, we try out some word problems. Children develop their understandings at different times obviously, so we differentiate to suit the children’s needs. This term’s geography is proving to be very popular, as we continue to study maps, connections to place…and I hear there has been a geography auction that has been or will be doing the rounds in each class. What would you bid for to help with geography research? A map? A globe? A compass?

Finally, we had a lovely morning with all of our Dads this morning. In Year 2 we made delicious chocolate balls. Some people visited their siblings’ classrooms, and some went to be active in the gym hall. Congratulations on all that energy Dads, the kids loved having you here.

Until next time…