One Wonderful World Term 3 Week 6


We have read the book Where the Wild Things Are and examined characters, transforming the story in a range of ways. Students considered the ending of the story, and wrote alternate endings of their own. Students continue to examine the comprehension strategy of Here, Head and Heart. 

Phonics: Long U sounds

We are currently exploring the long /u/ sound. We have learnt this sound can be made by the following spelling patterns:

oo ue u_e ew

with extension spelling patterns  ui    &     ou.  

When reading with your child, see if they are able to identify different long /u/ sounds in words and how they are spelt.

Camera words: 

half  girl  would  good
first  saw


In Mathematics students continued to examine time, learning to read, draw and represent time. They problem solved time questions involving hour and half hour times. Students have also begun looking at subtraction strategies, using number lines and word problems. 

Ask your child to SHOW how they could solve this problem:

Tina had a box of chocolates. She gave 4 to Tom and still had some left.

How many could she have started with?


This term our Science unit is on Changes. 1M enjoyed their Pizza Express excursion: noting observable changes to the ingredients before and after cooking. Students have investigated changes in the last two weeks in different experiments. We shook cream and turned it into butter, mixed ingredients to bake our own bread and explained with our senses the changes we observed. Students have been keen participants in each experiment and we encourage you to discuss changes that occur at home. For example, what happens to bread when it is toasted?


Mr Olson has been in our classes with the Blue Bots again and students have worked on directional language and problem solving. They planned a path for the Blue Bots through a maze and over maps. Then students checked their plan by inputting the code into the Blue Bot and watching them go on their journey.

Library News from Mrs Atkins

Book Week Parade is a day many students eagerly look forward too. Many thanks for all your help in making Book Week a success. Students were extremely happy parading their amazing costumes. Developing a love of reading is a fundamental part of our literacy program and we are so proud of the children’s efforts in the reading challenge. Please continue to record their nightly readings. 

Father’s Day

Year One students had a wonderful time celebrating Father’s Day today. It was great to see the teamwork and problem solving in the classrooms this morning as dads and kids worked together to build the tallest tower they could using only newspaper and masking tape. The results were very impressive! Thanks to all the dads that could make it, we hope everyone has a wonderful Aussie Father’s Day this weekend!


We are all getting excited for the upcoming performances! A few bits and pieces about costumes:

  • Thanks for sending in costume bags if you have already. If you haven’t had a chance yet, please send in a bag ASAP (these will be kept in classrooms)
  • Each student will need: (this does not apply to the main cast)
    • Costume bag (clearly labelled)
    • Black school uniform shorts
    • Singlet for under the costume
    • Girls hair pulled back into a low bun so no hair can be seen out of the head piece

Notes and reminders:

Before school:

  • Students who arrive at school before 7:55 should go directly to the sports terrace on level 1 with their school bags. They will be supervised there between 7:40-7:55 and may come up to the classroom after the bell has gone.

Sharing photos:

  • The teachers continue to share photos of class events, activities and learning experiences through Seesaw and newsletters. Please refrain from sharing photos across class WhatsApp groups, and allow us to capture and share the special school moments through these platforms.

Dates to remember

Our performances for Stella the Starfish in Week 8 are as follows:

  • Tuesday 10 September Evening at 6:30pm
  • Wednesday 11 September Evening at 6:30pm
  • Thursday 12 September Matinee at 10:45am
  • Thursday 12 September Evening at 6:30pm

Week 9 – Friday 20th September: Assembly and Mufti day – dismissal at noon. 

Miss Beange, Mrs McCarthy, Mrs Negus and Mrs Toufeili