We are well into Term 3 and the students are happily settling back into school life. We have had, and continue to have, new students and their families join AISHK. We send out a very warm welcome to them all.


  • Afternoon schedule changes:
    • If you need to contact your classroom teacher for changes during the day (for example; your child not taking the bus or a change in pick up arrangements), please email the primary office at  as well as your classroom teacher.
  • Snack and Lunches:
    • We have noticed a lot of the students in Year One going through growth spurts. This means more hungry, growling tummies throughout the day. Could we ask that you ensure that your child’s lunch is packed with fruit, vegetables and a sandwich. 
    • In addition, if your child has an ECA or activity after school, please ensure they have enough food to eat to keep their energy levels up until they arrive home.


We continue to explore the setting, characters and plot of various books. The last two weeks have been dedicated to the idea of settings. We read the text Imagine and brainstormed a variety of setting ideas, realising that a good story can be set absolutely anywhere! Students transformed the story imagine by creating their own setting illustrations and imitating the text structure of Imagine. 

if we were
deep in the jungle
where butterflies drift
and jaguars prowl
where parakeets squawk
and wild monkeys howl

During this process we identified nouns and verbs, as well as begun our comprehension strategy of Here, Head and Heart. 

Answers to ‘here’ questions can be found in the words. (Which animals drift?)

Answers to ‘head’ questions require some thinking. (Who is imagining the jungle?)

Answers to ‘heart’ questions make connections to our feelings. (How would you feel if you heard a monkey howl?)

We encourage you to try this strategy when you read at home with your child.

Phonics: Long A sounds

We are currently in the process of assessing students’ learning of the long /a/ sound is made by the following spelling patterns:

a ay a_e ai

When reading with your child, see if they are able to identify different long /a/ sounds in words and how they are spelt.


Camera words: 

friend four could were their your


In Mathematics we continue to extend our knowledge of skip counting, identifying number patterns for skip counting in twos fives and tens. This week, we have begun learning to tell the time to the hour and half hour and creating our own clocks.  At home, please discuss telling the time with your child and the different ways it can be displayed (analogue and digital clocks). 


This term our Science unit is on Changes. Students have investigated light and sound. They identified that certain objects allow light to pass clearly, while others not at all or blurry. Students were introduced to scientific terms transparent, translucent and opaque. They made telephone cups to understand how sound travels through vibrations. Three classes have been on their pizza express excursions. Students observed changes to ingredients on a pizza before and after they were cooked. They had a wonderful time there and enjoyed their self-made pizzas for lunch. The last class to attend will go in week 6. 

  • 1 M – Tuesday 27th August, Pizza Express, One Island South, Wong Chuk Hang


Forwards, forwards, Turn Left, forwards, forwards, forwards, turn right…

As part of the unplugged program our students are exploring and role playing how to give clear instructions as if they were coding a robot to do an action or a Blue Bot to follow an intended path. Coding offers our students opportunities to explore basic program language and develop their skills to be able to use directional language.

Stella the Starfish

Our biennial Early Childhood production is getting closer by the day. Students will perform in multiple shows in Week 8, so keep that week completely free! All of Early Childhood have been working hard to learn their class songs during Music and are getting very excited for their moment in the spotlight. Be sure to secure your tickets (maximum 4 per family)!

Library News from Mrs Atkins

Please click on the link below for information regarding Book Week in week 5.

Smart Watches

Just a reminder that students are not allowed to wear SmartWatches at school. Should a student require their smartwatch for travel to and from school, it can be placed in their bag once they arrive at school or given to their class teacher. For further information, please see the link below: 

Dates to remember

  • Week 4 – Friday 16th August – Teacher Professional Development Day – No classes 
  • Week 5 – Book Week –  Friday 23rd August – More details above
  • Week 6 – 1M – Pizza Express excursion – Tuesday 27th August
  • Week 6 – Eucalypt Mufti Day – Wednesday 28th August
  • Week 8 – Stella the Starfish Performances – More details to follow

Miss Beange, Mrs McCarthy, Mrs Negus and Mrs Toufeili