Reception Newsletter, Term 3 Week 6

Hi Reception Parents

There have been a few exciting events happening that have kept us busy in Reception over the last few weeks- Book Week, Eucalyptus Mufti Day and Father’s Day. In between these exciting events we have continued to learn about our five senses and how we use them, pushed our creativity in the block area, worked collaboratively building with the Duplo and made appointments to see the doctor in our very popular hospital.

Our Learning

Book Week

This year the Children’s Book Council Australia chose the theme “Reading is My Super Power” to promote and highlight the importance of reading. This was a little confusing for Reception as we are not quite at the “reading words” stage so how could this be our super power? We discussed what reading was and if we needed words to be able to read. We discovered that we could read by looking at the pictures in books and when we used our thinking bubbles, we could make a story based on what we could see. This was super exciting! Together we looked at picture books that had no words and developed some great stories. We had a special Library session where we made Lego creatures inspired by ‘Heads and Tails Insects’ by John Canty. We had a lot of fun day dressing up as our favourite book characters, thank you for helping us look super cute!

Eucalypt Mufti Day

This was our last House Mufti Day for the year. Some of our Year 6 friends came to play with us and it was lovely to see the interactions between Reception and the big Year 6 people. We enjoyed showing them around the classroom and they were very helpful when we made our green paper plate creations and we enjoyed listening to the read to us in the book area. We also did some great building in the block area; the Year 6 people were handy to have when we made our tall towers! Our ice cream treats at the end of the day helped cool us down. Thank you to the people who donated, the money raised will go to Eucalypts Charity: Christina Noble Children’s Foundation.

Focused Learning

We have been investigating our sense of touch, and we set up a feely box and used our sense of touch to feel what was inside the box. It was a lot of fun guessing what the shapes felt like and if they were smooth or rough. We also used our sense of touch to make lots of bubbles in the water. We had to use our sense of hearing to make high and low sounds with the water jars and record what we could hear. It was lovely to make our own music.

We have had a lot of fun with the Duplo blocks working together in small groups constructing buildings and houses. We enjoyed searching for the right items to put on our boards and finding just the right brick to complete our creations. There was a lot of sharing, turn taking and collaboration as just about the whole class explored the endless possibilities of Duplo building. Duplo is not only an unlimited creative out let for us, but it is great for our fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

We have also been busy preparing for our Father’s Day celebration. We learnt a new song and have been practicing our singing and cool dance moves. We have been counting down the sleeps until we can share our classroom with our dad. We also made a special card for dad and we were able to show off our writing skills, addressing and signing the cards. We hope you all have a wonderful day celebrating Dad on Sunday!