Reception Newsletter, Term 3 Week 4

Welcome Back Reception Parents

We have had an active few weeks in Reception settling back into our routine and exploring our five senses. We have had lots of fun exploring what our senses do and connecting our body parts with our senses. Over the next few weeks we will be participating in some school events, keep checking your diary as we will have reminders of up coming events. We will also be sending out invitations to our dads for some Father’s Day Activities which will be on Friday 30 August.

Our Learning


We started off the week making popcorn out of crepe paper. We had to rip or cut small pieces of crepe paper and then scrunch them into popcorn size balls. We had some sweet and salty popcorn to choose from. This was a great fine motor activity where we used our hands to manipulate the crepe paper and work our finger muscles. Having strong fine motor muscles help us when we do our reading and writing. Having made so much crepe popcorn we decided to sell it to our friends, and I must say it was a bargain at five dollars a bucket! Later in the week we made some real popcorn. We used our sense of smell to smell the delicious popcorn and our sense of taste to eat it. We had tasted three types, sweet, salty and plain. We took a survey on which popcorn we liked the best and we tallied up which was most popular.


We found a lemon on the rooftop garden which led us to thinking about what we could do with the lemon. We decided to make lemonade which was another great way to use our senses. We found a recipe on the computer and added a few more lemons to the one we found. First, we had to squeeze the lemons to get the juice out which took a little muscle action. Then we had a little taste of the lemon and compared it to the taste of sugar. The survey results were unanimous in favour of the sugar! After squeezing all the lemons, we added some sugar to the juice. We found that after we squeezed the lemons, there were lots of seeds left. What to do with the seeds? We decided to set up an experiment to see if we could grow some lemons from the seeds. We have been watering and monitoring the seeds and looking for any signs of growth, there has been little luck so far. We are sure to let you know if we are successful! What a great way to finish our day with some delicious cold fresh lemonade!

Focused Learning

We have set up different activities in the classroom that help us to use and identify our senses. We have had the sticky foam to create yummy ice creams and lollipops, the slimy pasta to find the hidden treasures, the light box to make sparkly patterns and the wet sand to create patterns.

We had used some special paint this week. We added some spices to the paint and had to use our sense of smell to work out what the scent was. The red chilli paint made our eyes water and the yellow turmeric paint smelt disgusting, we were not sure of the orange ginger paint but loved the smell of the white vanilla paint. We used the scented paint to draw patterns and pictures at the easel.

The geoboard and rubber bands have been a popular activity over the last few weeks. We have used rubber bands to make lots of different shapes, to create patterns and to make some letters in our name. We have liked experimenting and manipulating the rubber bands, this has helped us to understand basic geometric concepts and shapes.

What Next?

Next week we will be focusing on the book week theme “Reading Is My Super Power” and participating in some book week activities. We will also be getting ready to celebrate Father’s Day with our Dads learning a new song and planning some great activities to share with him.


  • Friday 23 August: Book Parade- Dress up as your favourite book character
  • Wednesday 28 August: Eucalypt Mufti Day
  • Friday 30 August: Father’s Day Celebration