Reception Newsletter, Term 3 Week 2

Welcome Back Reception Parents

It was lovely to see everyone back after a very long break, everyone had grown a little taller I am sure! It has been a slightly rainy start to the third term, just as we quickly settled back into our routine the rain interrupted our very much anticipated Jacaranda Mufti Day. We decided not to miss out entirely and had our own little day to help raise money for HOPE for Cambodian Children, thank you everyone who donated and supported Jacaranda.

Our Learning


We started off the week reading Funnybones by Janet And Allen Ahlberg. We discussed what is a skeleton and how we are made up of bones, muscle and skin. There is a lot of repetition in the story which we liked and allowed us to join in the story. When reading books together we practice some of our reading readiness skills such as identifying vocabulary in the story, looking at speech bubbles, identifying the beginning of the sentence and simple punctuation such as full stops and exclamation marks.

We have also been learning The Skeleton Dance which has been a fun way to learn some of the different bones in our body and follow simple dance movements. We really like the visuals especially when the skeletons multiply! If you fancy getting your funny bone groove on you, here is the link

Our Five Senses

This term we will be exploring our five senses and what our senses are used for. We will be identifying the sensing organs associated with each sense and how we use our senses to send our thinking brains messages. We have started looking at all five senses and identifying what sense they use and how we use them in our learning environment. We have had activities set up in the class room that have helped us identify our sense of touch. We have been exploring the same colour sensory tray that when we use our hands to explore what is inside, we have been able to find lots of interesting treasures! We also have had a fantastic time squishing and squeezing, swirling and mixing the shaving foam. Such a great sensory activity for our little hands.

Focused Learning

There have been a few little changes in our learning space over the break. Our little shop has gone, and we now have a hospital set up to care and look after anyone who is not feeling very well. We have enjoyed being doctors and nurses, taking phone calls and writing down messages, giving the sick dolls medicine and a “gently” jabbing them with the needle. We have been kind and caring towards the very sick dolls and I think we make super doctors and nurses!

There has been a lot of creative and complex building in our block area this last week. This has been a small group activity that involves a lot of communication between everyone involved and cooperation as to what the finished product will be. We have had boats, chairs and trains built big enough for everyone to fit in!

We did not want to miss out on our Jacaranda Mufti Day, and we had a lot of fun dressing in blue even if it was a few days late. We threaded some fantastic blue necklaces, had blue water with sparkles to splash in, blue shaving foam to squish and made some blue masks to wear. We very much enjoyed our ice block treat to finish off the day.

What Next?

Our next sense to explore will be our sense of smell and taste. We will have some fun exploring different smells and taste through some learning experiences using popcorn! We will also be learning a new song The Five Senses Song and reading more books about our senses.

Reminder: Friday 16 August is Pupil Free Day