Preparatory Newsletter Term 3 Week 4

From the beginning of the year each day was eagerly counted up until we reached the one hundred mark.  This week 100 Days of School was celebrated by the Prep students and we are so proud of them all!


We are continuing to focus on the following words: you, play, this, come, my, have

We are also focusing on blending phonemes” ll, ss, zz and ff. An example of words: full, pass, buzz, cuff. These words are practised in phonics lessons and correlate to their phonics hero program.


We are well on our way sharing about our understanding of ‘Living Things’. The students are more confident to share and have been well prepared. Some great things we have seen are powerpoint presentations, picture story boards, diaries and large posters. The students are super proud and please continue to support them. We are focusing on using eye contact and clear speaking voices. Speaking and listening is a fundamental skill required not only for our confidence but also a 21st century life-long skill, and by initiating this in early years we hope this allows the children become expert communicators.


On the 6th of August we had an amazing experience where Jurassic Garage came to school. The students had the opportunity to look at and feel a range of living things such as snakes, lizards, frogs, spiders, millipedes and tortoises. The Preps were brave risk takers getting up close to these living things. 


We continue to focus on reading, recognising and recalling numbers and number facts through a range of hands-on activities and worded problems. To support your child at home we encourage you to gather  a small collection of items and do some wonderful math! For example, estimate the collection, count the collection, ask how many more would you need to make up to 20?, can you arrange the collection into a group that is easier to count? These incidental ways of thinking are a great way to support a child’s mathematical thinking. 



Please continue to check the Dhanara for updates for Stella the Starfish. During music lessons the students are practising their songs and movements. For ticket information please note they are free, however, guests can choose to offer a  donation at the start of the show to assist with covering costume and prop costs and this would be greatly appreciated. Families are limited to 4 tickets only as there will be over 300 families attending the shows. 


What is your superpower? This is the Book Week theme “Reading is my Superpower” There will be a dress up day for the students in week 5. On Friday 23rd August, we have the following events:

  • Students may dress up as their favourite book character or perhaps their costume will be connected to this year’s theme.
  • Parade-all classes will parade on the field from 8:15am-8:35am. There will be a class photo opportunity at approximately 8:30am. This year, secondary students also have the opportunity to join in. 
  • Early Childhood Assembly will be held at 8:45-9:15 
  • Primary Assembly will be held at 9:25-10:05

We have PMP on this day so please be mindful of the footwear your child wears with their costume. If their costume is particularly hot, you can pack their PMP uniform for them to change into. 

The reading challenge sheet has gone home and the form has been stapled in the back of your child’s dairy. Please note the time read as this will be collated by Mrs Atkins.

Reading Photos

Please continue to forward photos of your child reading to

Thank you from the Prep Team