[Head of Secondary Message] Week 4 Updates

Congratulations to all secondary students who performed music for the Parent Soiree on Saturday night. The audience enjoyed the sets of music which the students performed. Well done Kristy Lai, Daniel Stapleton, Temana Short, Davina Chan, Janice Leung, Thomas Cheng, Rohana Utamchandani, Ella Bindley, Jade Busch, Alyssa Lotter, Laura Monaci, Daniel Chen, Sahil Mahbubani, Irie Cohen, Oscar Chaplin, Jorge Cooney.

The Parent Soiree event was a lot of fun and therefore a great success. Thank you to the Parent Association and the hours of preparation supported by our very able Development and Office staff.

The Auditorium had to be quickly reconfigured Monday morning ready for Year 12 Trial Examinations which commenced at 9.00am; and the Year 12 students were all ready and in place for the start of their first examination. We wish them much success and a continued vigorous study regimen as they continue through this examination week.

The Year 12 examinations continue Friday 16 August as scheduled, but classes for students Reception through to Year 11 will not be running, as the day is scheduled as a staff professional learning day. This day has been brought forward from the start of Term 4, so that Term 4 commences with classes on the very first day, October 8.

Secondary students also enjoyed joyful and competitive Inter-House Volleyball finals last Friday afternoon. There was a great deal of energy and participation across the House groups and congratulations go to all House finalist teams for their level of commitment and success in the event.

Enjoy the week.







Howard West | Head of Secondary