Coal Power Plant Field Trip

On 27th August, Year 11 and 12 Physics students joined together for a riveting excursion to the Castle Peak Power Station which provides about 30% of HK’s electricity, including the school’s.

Alongside a helpful CLP engineer, these enthusiastic students were enlightened on how Hong Kong utilised coal and pumped water electricity generation, as well as the measures done to minimise greenhouse emissions. One favoured activity while inside their education centre was testing how much electricity we could generate with our bare hands, with an average of 100 microamps. The students were also able to take advantage of having a CLP engineer with them by asking various questions regarding their engineering developments, furthering their shared knowledge. Our trip came to its conclusion when we were given a bus tour and were finally able to see the gloriously huge piles of coal that provide a majority of Hong Kong’s electricity.

Overall, the excursion was incredibly useful in furthering our knowledge and understanding of energy sources and production, a topic which is covered in the Physics syllabus.

David Mitchell  Year 12