Performing Arts, Sports and Additional Group Photos

On Monday and Tuesday, 2 & 3 September, AISHK will hold our next round of school photos, which form part of our Yearbook.

Students involved in the sports listed below, that have represented the school during the year, will be included. All photographs will be taken in school summer uniform, no need for their sports team kit.

Our Performing Arts photographs will be taken next term, on the 9 October. Details will be sent by the Performing Arts Office closer to the time.

Students who missed their individual photos in our previous session will have the opportunity to have these taken during these days. Students should approach their homeroom/class teacher to ask permission to go to the photograph venue to have this done. Please note we are unable to offer sibling photographs this time. You can however make an appointment by contacting Techni Photo directly to have this done. Please let us know if you need this information.

Should you have any further questions, please email