[Head of Primary Message] Week 6 Primary Update

It has been a very active couple of weeks at AISHK, with many activities taking place around the school. Here is a recap of our recent events.

Teacher Professional Learning
During the professional learning day on August 16, all homeroom teachers and assistants were focused on improving their teaching of reading with an expert from our reading program, Sharp Reading. This Professional Learning for teachers and assistants provided a more in depth insight into teaching reading to ensure we have consistency in our reading program from Prep-Year 6. The program focuses on developing students to have strong decoding and comprehension skills.

Father’s Day Celebrations
For the first time, we held a Father’s Day event across all of Primary this year with Dads getting an opportunity to spend time with all their children in the classrooms or gym. It was particularly great to see Fathers with children in upper primary getting an opportunity to spend time together at school. The event was very well attended with close to 500 Dads and students from Primary and Secondary attending the breakfast and many more coming for the activities in the classroom. To cap off the event, Dads may want to share My Dad Thinks He’s Funny story with their children this weekend. For a full recap, video and photos of the day’s festivities, please click here.

Mandarin Language Competition
The Mandarin Recitation Competition (International Group) is organised by GAPSK (General Aptitude Putonghua Shuiping Kaoshi) – a committee which specialises in standardised Putonghua aptitude tests, recognised by Beijing University. The competition was designed for students who study Chinese at international schools. From AISHK, we had a great representation of students including the following who were recipients of awards:

  • ​​Sam Miles – Year 1 Optional Recitation (Merit)
  • ​Amelia Press – Year 1 Optional Recitation (First Runner-Up)
  • Mila Zervaas – Year 4 – 5 Optional Recitation (Second Runner-Up)
  • Nicholas Worker – Year 6 Optional Recitation (Second Runner-Up)

AISHK was also recognised as the ‘Best Training School’, being awarded for first prize for this category. A fantastic acknowledgment of the Chinese program we have at AISHK. Thank you to Ms Winnie Yung for her organisation of this competition.

Primary Recitals
Over 150 students displayed their musical skills in the Primary Recitals last week. It was wonderful to see a range of talents on show from students who played the piano, guitar, ukulele, harp, zither, voice, violin duet, cello, clarinet, saxophone and the trumpet. AISHK continues to display a wealth of talent in Performing Arts. Thank you to the Performing Arts department for giving the students this opportunity to perform and showcase their talents.

Eucalypt Mufti Day
We had our final mufti day for the year with Eucalypt raising money for the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation which supports vulnerable children in Vietnam and Mongolia. As a part of our sustainable initiatives, this was the first Mufti Day to attempt a reduction of paper usage, saving close to 800 pieces of paper by not sending home hard copies of the lunch order form. This is in example of great choices we are making which set us for up for continued, sustainable approaches to our Mufti Day events.

Book Week
As outlined in the Dhanara article last week, we had a fantastic Book Week led by Mrs Nicole Atkins. The week of reading activities was enjoyed by all students and having added involvement from our Secondary students really added to a whole-school atmosphere. We enjoyed a great parent attendance for the parade and assemblies on the Friday. Perhaps to extend the community spirit of Book Week, we might encourage parents to dress up next year as well!

Cyber Safety Presentation
Susan McLean, one of Australia’s foremost experts in cyber safety presented to students in Years 5-8 in two different sessions for Primary and Secondary.  The Primary session covered online rules and laws, cyberbullying, ‘online’ friends, staying safe online and how to be a good online citizen. The Secondary session covered digital reputation, sexting and cyberbullying. Susan’s direct approach had the students listening very carefully with some Primary students choosing to delete certain social media apps after the presentation. Susan reminded Primary students that many social media apps require the user to be 13 years old. The students had many questions to ask and we encourage parents of students in Years 5-8 to discuss with their child what they took away from the presentation.





Brendan Kean | Head of Primary