[Head of School Message] Upcoming School Event Dates and Changes to Speech Day

One of the unique features of AISHK is that we have all our students from Reception to Year 12 on one campus – in one building.  Although we have separate Primary and Secondary divisions, being together on one campus provides us great with opportunities to develop a whole school way of thinking and culture.

With this in mind, we are re-designing our annual Speech Day.  Whereas in the past we have celebrated the end of the year with separate Primary and Secondary Speech Day ceremonies, this year we will be having one combined Speech Day Celebration.

The AISHK 2019 Speech Day will be for students and families from Year 3 to Year 11 (Year 12 will have already graduated) and will be held on Tuesday 10 December at the Hong Kong Baptist University, Community Hall beginning at 10:00am.

Preparatory to Year 2 students will have a Special Assembly to award their prizes, which will be similar award categories as for 2018 . They will have their special Prize Giving on Friday 6 December.

In addition, Year 6 and Year 12 both have separate graduation celebrations, with Year 12 Valedictory events at the end of this term and Year 6 in November.

The Year 12 Valedictory dinner will be held on Monday 16 September with Year 12 students and their parents and the Valedictory Assembly will be held on Thursday 19 September at 10:40am.

We will be holding a Year 6 Graduation Assembly on Thursday 28 November at 5:30pm for students and parents. This will be followed by a disco for the students on the Greenroof and a separate gathering for Year 6 parents (BYO) in the 9F Staff Centre.

We look forward to seeing you all at these special ways to celebrate a fantastic 2019.





Mark Hemphill | Head of School