[Head of School Message]

In an increasingly frantic and self-imposed busy world, everyone always seems to be in such a rush. Whenever you ask someone how they are; the response is often ‘I’m just so busy.’  This is particularly true of Hong Kong where the pace of life is even faster than elsewhere.

I wonder though how much of our ‘busyness’ is self-imposed? What impact is it having on our lives? When was the last time that you did absolutely nothing or said “no” to an invitation?

I think that it is important that we take time to slow down, to stop, to take a breath and become calm.

Now, more than ever in Hong Kong, with all that is going on, slowing down and remaining calm is really important. If, as adults, we remain calm and model this to our children, then they have a greater likelihood of being calm themselves and this may alleviate some of their anxiety. There is no doubt that we make better decisions and choices and we all feel so much better when we are in a calm state.

At the moment, our children need calm adults in their lives.





Mark Hemphill | Head of School