Parent Association Talk Recap: A Balance of Fun, Information and Compassion Shared

On Thursday 8 August, the first Parent Association supported talk, titled “Creating Compassionate Conversations with our Tweens and Teens” was held. As part of the school’s wider commitment to wellbeing, the aim of these talks is to build positive relationships and strengthen connection across the AISHK community, whilst offering useful tools to keep on top of the ever-changing landscape of parenting teenagers today.

Around 50 parents attended the talk which was co-facilitated by our Secondary Psychologist Bernadette Spencer, our new Primary Psychologist Jean McPherson and Tara Bennett from the Wild Heart Project.  The presenters covered content from the Year 8s and 9s two Term 2 workshops on resilience, wellbeing and self-talk. They also offered insights into the pressures teens face today, understanding their common behaviours, as well what is happening in the developing teenage brain.

There were moments of great humour, understanding and appreciation for the challenges and opportunities we all experience parenting and working with young people. Personal anecdotes were shared, questions were asked, and many came to moments of realisation.

Specific tools for how to communicate with compassion were shared with parents. These emphasised how important it is to guide your tweens and teens to solve their own problems, by using active listening, paraphrasing and coaching questions. A list of potential barriers, recommended reading and other resources were given to parents.

The second PA supported round table discussion “Digital Dilemma’ – a parent’s guide to keeping your children safe in this digital world” will be held in Term 4, on 29 October with further details to come. We look forward to seeing you there.







Kiely Murphy | Director of Wellbeing