Susan McLean from Cyber Safety Solutions presenting to students on 28 August

The use of social media services by young people is almost ubiquitous, with teenagers aged 13-17 making use of five separate social media services on average (Australian Office of the eSafety Commissioner, 2018). The PDHPE syllabus and Wellbeing initiatives at the School aim to address the responsibilities, pitfalls and possibilities that go with this connected world of our students.

Making and maintaining social connections, self-expression and entertainment are just some of the benefits of participating online. However, we also know teens are more likely to engage with strangers, share their passwords or experience negativity online. In addition, young people are still developing impulse control, emotional intelligence, and the ability to identify consequences and risks.

Competing priorities can make it challenging to incorporate online safety into existing curricula, however teaching these skills has never been more pertinent. As part of our commitment at AISHK to develop responsible and capable 21st century citizens, we have invited Susan McLean to speak to our upper primary, lower and middle secondary students on the 28 August.

Susan is one of Australia’s foremost experts in Cybersafety and also has over 27 years experience in the Victorian Police Force. She is unique in her vast knowledge and expertise in this area and is the only person in Australia with her specific background, experience and qualifications.  She is a sought-after presenter and advisor and regularly provides professional development for those working in education and other key youth stakeholders (

The primary session will cover such topics as Rules and Laws, cyberbullying, “online” friends, staying safe online and how to be a good citizen.

The secondary session will cover areas such as digital reputation, sexting and cyberbullying.

Both sessions will be 90 minutes long and will allow students to be involved in discussions and ask questions about their online lives.

Kathleen Ellis Head of PDHPE R-12  and Kiely Murphy Director of Student Wellbeing