Students and Staff reflect on Susan McLean’s Cyber Safety Presentations

On Wednesday, the students of Upper Primary had the pleasure to listen to Australia’s Cybersafety expert, Susan McLean. We learned about the dangers of social media, how there are age restrictions on certain Apps and how violent games strongly influence young children’s minds in a negative way. The session was highly enlightening and very interesting.  It really made us think about how unsafe being on the internet really is. I  am confident that we will all remember this talk for a long time. Thank you Susan McLean for helping us understand the dangers of social media.

Jessica Phillips 6L

On Wednesday morning, secondary students from Years 7 to 10 were able to learn from Susan McLean’s years of experience on cyber security and cyber bulling. We heard about real life experiences of young people and laughed at bad emails and silly names for Bluetooth devices. I am sure that this is a talk that the students will remember and, while not everyone may follow the all the information provided, I am sure that everyone has taken something from the talk that they will implement in their daily lives. I, for one, am thankful for Susan’s take on cyber security, which was different and more memorable than past talks I have listened to.

 Susan McLean, thank you for coming to our school, speaking to both the primary and secondary students and teaching us more about the World Wide Web.

Hannah Gliddon 10H

Susan is an International presenter and expert in the field of cybersafety. Her informative presentation made our secondary students aware of their online actions and digital reputation, while our Primary students were reminded about their responsibilities in terms of cyberbullying and complying with the terms and conditions of various social media platforms including age restrictions.

Susan’s presentation also ticks many boxes in terms of the Reception to Year 10 PDHPE Syllabus and its commitment to helping our students navigate their constantly connected world, as well as including many aspects of wellbeing such as positive mental health.

If your child is in Year 5 to 10, now would be a great opportunity to discuss their online presence with them, while perhaps establishing some family routines and rules around online participation.

Ms Kath Ellis | Head of PDHPE