Year 6 Newsletter Week 8 Term 2

Week 6 News

A huge congratulations to all students who shared their learning in the Australian Stories Exhibition on Monday 10th June. Thank you to all the parents who came to share in this wonderful event. The Year Six Students were exhausted after talking about their Significant Australians and we’re sure they were buzzing when they went home after a long day. Praise has been flooding in from the school community since the spectacle. Ms Ellis (Head of PDHPE) was incredibly impressed with the depth of knowledge that the students shared, and Mr Kean was very impressed with all the costumes and the effort that the students put in to make the day the kind of success that it was.

Term 2 Week 9 Diary Dates

Week 9:

Wednesday 19th June – Final Peer Support Lesson

Friday 21st June – School Mufti Day – Final day of term – Classes end for Primary at 12pm (All money raised will go to Christina Nobel Children’s Foundation

Term 3 Week 1-2 Dates:

Tuesday 23rd July – Classes resume for all students

Friday 26th July – Beijing Parent Information Session 8:15-9:15am

Wednesday 31st July – Jacaranda Mufti Day

Friday 2nd August – Year Six Assembly



With the Student’s biographies completed, marked and entered into the Student Learning Journeys, our attention for the next week turns to our literature study of the advanced picture book ‘Waves’. Students are looking at the different ways that authors convey meaning through images and text and demonstrate their dramatic skills of movement, voice control and staging to show their understanding of the literature.  We are continuing on with our spelling program as we get ready for the Interhouse Spelling Bee on Tuesday morning. In reading, Year Six are continuing with our SHART comprehension work in whole class, group and individual reading activities.


Our Maths unit continues this week with work on decimals, money and a particular focus on using bus, plane and train timetables to read and interpret time. The students will be completing their investigation called ‘Fantasy Flight’ next week where they will be able to demonstrate their ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide decimals as well as use timetables accurately.  


This week will be a big week of History learning as we look at the impact that different groups had on the foundation of Australian culture and values. Using the knowledge students have built about their significant Australians, we will be learning about the impact of women and the suffragette movement, indigenous communities as well as migrant communities to the Australian Way of Life after Federation in 1901.

Beijing Information Day:

Our Beijing Parent Information Session will be held in Week 1 of Term 3 on Friday morning the 26th of July at 8:15-9:15am in the Auditorium. This is an ideal opportunity to come along and hear more information about the exciting, upcoming trip. Very soon, the information will begin to be sent out to help you prepare your child for the trip. We do hope that you can come and join us.

Peer Support

One last Peer Support lesson in Week Nine. One more opportunity to make a positive impact on the students in their groups. All students have enjoyed the different aspects of leading a group through the friendship activities. A huge congratulations to all Year Six students on how well they have led the school in this task throughout the term.


A huge congratulations to all the students who represented Year Six and the school so well in the School Showcase on Thursday and Friday of Week 8. Sold Out performances have kept the audiences wonderfully entertained. Congratulations also to Mr Stapleton and the music staff on putting together such a wonderful performance.

Student Led Conferences:

Thank you to all parents and students who attended the Student Led Conferences on Tuesday 11th of June. It was a large ask to back up from the Australian Stories Exhibition and the students celebrated their wonderful learning from Semester One so well. Thank you to all families who braved the weather to make it to their session with their parents. Please use the holidays to go through the Learning Journey folders with your children. Can they please be returned Week One of Term Three so that we can fill them again.

Message from Mrs Atkins:

Next term, we celebrate Book Week in Week 5. The theme this year is Reading is my Superpower. On Friday 23rd August, we will celebrate with a parade and an assembly.

It would be great to collect photos of our students building up their superpowers by reading a book over the holidays. Please email Mrs Atkins a photo if you get the chance at

Health Unit:

Last week as part of our Health Unit, the students discussed things that they need to remember before pressing send on a WhatsApp message or Social Media post. Here are a few of the suggestions from Year Six Students:

Don’t write something you’ll regret later – Valerina 6S

We should think about people’s feelings before we send – Andrew 6S

Tell yourself, when you click send you have no control of it – Cheyenne 6S

Never respond to people you don’t know – Kieran 6S

How would your parents react if they saw what you were writing – Scarlett 6A

Always tell your parents if something inappropriate happens – Errick 6A

If my grandparents saw this post, what would they think? Mia 6A

I will consider that If I press send, what I send will be sent around the world in seconds – Kellen 6L

Think that people can screenshotted and owned by someone forever – Amelia 6L

You should always stay calm and think before you send because you might find yourself on the wrong side of cyberbullying – Edmund 6L

Always think about who will see the message when sending to a group – Flynn 6K

Before you send a picture that includes someone in it, ask for the person’s permission – Scarlett 6K

Be kind and considerate of people’s feelings before sending things to others. Julian 6K