Year 6 Students Share Australian Stories

The auditorium truly became a living museum on Monday morning. Strolling through the aisles of this unique moving exhibition, listening to the stories of legends from our present and past Australia and humming along to the soundtrack of some true Australian hits; it really was an experience to remember. With the implementation of Human and Social Sciences through ACARA and teaching History explicitly, our Year 6 students were the pioneers in this Australian themed project. They presented to our community, a treasure trove of incredible Australians who have made significant contributions to Australia and beyond.

Turning a corner, you could be met with the likes of Cathy Freeman, Eddie Mabo, Edward Hargreaves, Fred Hollows, Steve Irwin or even Ned Kelly. Teachers and parents alike were certainly treated to an informed and engaging presentation in which they learnt all about iconic Australians, some who are far less known than others.  Did you know that Mark Oliphant created microwaves? Graeme Clark invented the bionic ear, Mary Mackillop is Australia’s only named saint and Ian Frazer made a breakthrough in vaccines? The list goes on: John Flynn, Weary Dunlop, David Udaipon, Vincent Lingiari, John O’Sullivan, Muriel Matters, Mary Lee, John Landy, Jade Haimister are just a few more of the significant Australians that were on show.

Congratulations to the students of Year 6. They have persevered and worked hard throughout this massive project. From the research, note taking, writing, drafting and all of the fine detail that went into making incredibly aesthetically pleasing boards. Each student spoke articulately and confidently about their chosen person and the Year 6 teachers are incredibly proud of you.