Year 5 Newsletter Term 2 Week 8

We would like to thank all of the parents that came in to our classrooms during the Student Led Conference day this past Tuesday. It was wonderful to sit back and watch your children take ownership of their learning and proudly talk about their classroom and shared learning environment. The SMART goals that were negotiated between you and your child will be important moving forward into Semester 2 and we will be referring back to these for the rest of the school year.

Important Dates:

18/6 Spelling Cup Finals

21/6 End of Term 2

23/7 Beginning of Term 3


Reflection is an important communication and interpersonal skill for students to develop. In English, students have been focused on reflecting on their Semester 1 learning and thinking about their goals for Semester 2. Coinciding well with the student-led conferences held earlier this week, students were able to discuss and construct their learning goals.

In reading and writing this week, students will be further analysing their own pieces of writing as well as their peers’. Being able to learn from each other and receive feedback from peers has proven to be a very successful method of learning so far this year. The students will need to put their “teacher’s hats” on and read and analyse writing from an unfamiliar perspective. SHARP reading will continue through to the end of term. A focus this week will be on fluency and clarity when reading aloud.

Our Year 5 spellers have been busy learning and practising a collection of challenging words in preparation for the 2019 Spelling Cup. Each student earns points for their house and the finalists will participate in the Spelling Cup finals next Tuesday in the auditorium. Good luck, spellers!


In Mathematics, the students have been learning and applying different multiplication and division strategies. In multiplication, the students learnt how to use double and halve, and split and multiply strategies to solve problems. In division, split and divide, as well a short division strategy will be used. Ask your children at home if they can explain and demonstrate how effective these strategies can be.


The colonisation of Australia has been at the forefront of our History inquiries. Students have defined what a colony is and have moved forward to identify significant dates between 1788-1901 in which colonies were established in Australia. Moving forward, students will investigate further important events, outlining the impact on Australia’s development throughout that period.


Year 5 has continued to learn how to research effectively during their Library lessons. Mrs Atkins and the class teachers will be guiding the students as they choose an important person or event from the times of colonisation in Australia. They will then be using their newly gained research skills to find and present information about their chosen subject.


In Health over the past 2 weeks, the students have been busy designing brochures that can be used if they ever need someone to talk to privately about anything that might be troubling them. The type of issues might include; stress at school or friendship issues. These brochures will include information about different people (family, staff, friends), places (police station, community centre), and things (websites) that can help in times of need.