Year 5 Newletter – Term 2 Week 6


In English, we will begin presenting speeches based on our persuasive writing pieces we have completed in class. These will be prepared both in class and at home as part of the week 7 Homework. You will see your sons and daughter’s presentations on SeeSaw, stay tuned!

Year 5 students have been focusing on reading for pleasure, specifically choosing books that are appropriate for their level of ability. Mrs Atkins and the Year 5 team work closely with the students during Library time to ensure that each student is bringing home books that will entertain and inform.


In Mathematics, the students have explored the topics of chance and probability by designing a sideshow alley game. We also played heads and tails, rolled dice to experiment with probability and explored the game of ‘Two Up” and its origins. In the coming weeks students will be learning a range of multiplication and division strategies. The students will be given problem solving tasks and an investigation where they will have to choose the most appropriate strategies to find solutions.


Our Adaptations unit is almost complete. Students have been busy showing what they’ve learned in various different ways including information posters and presentations. Ask your child if they can tell you the difference between a structural adaptation and a behavioural adaptation. You won’t be able to look at an animal without thinking about this in the future!


The students have been enjoying learning about how the early free settlers of Australia lived and what their contact with the Indigenous People was like. We will be writing a narrative from the different perspectives of people in colonial times.


In Library we are beginning to identify credible websites and also learn about primary and secondary sources. We will use this knowledge to help us search for and identify information about one specific person whom had a significant impact during the colonisation of Australia. This will continue over the final weeks of the term and students will be sharing their research on SeeSaw.


In Health we are learning about Protective Behaviours. We have identified 5 adults that we could go to if we needed to talk about issues that are concerning us. We were fortunate to have Bernadette Spencer, our Secondary School Psychologist come and talk to us about feelings, change and also give us some helpful tips on how to improve our wellbeing.

Year 5 have visited the LEAP Van over the past 2 weeks. You have probably seen the van parked on the school field and the kids were very excited to get inside and catch a glimpse of the world’s most famous giraffe, Healthy Harold. Here are some first-hand accounts from our students of what they learned about during their LEAP experience:


I liked the interactive game that showed us all of the harmful things that are in each cigarette. Chelsy

The role play part was the best! We learned how to say no to people who are pressuring you to smoke. Spencer


I enjoyed learning about how dangerous cigarettes are to your health and to make healthy choices for your body. Lucas

We were learning about the different type of chemical that are in cigarettes and how they can damage not only your lungs but also your oesophagus. Aliyah


We learned how dangerous and bad for you cigarettes can be. Gangrene does not sound fun! Isaac C

I liked how we used interactive games to discover how harmful smoking can be. Bridie

*5A will visit the LEAP VAN this upcoming Monday

Year 5 News

All of the Year 5 teachers would like to congratulate the students for how well they managed their NAPLAN week. Sitting 4 tests in 3 days can be quite a daunting task but our students handled the workload with aplomb and they should all be proud of their efforts. We can expect to see results in late Term 3.

Please remember to sign up for Student Led Conferences if you haven’t already done so. It’s a fantastic opportunity for your children to share their learning and classroom experiences with you as well as catch up with your teacher. We can’t wait to welcome you into our classrooms on Tuesday 11 June.

Chinese Week – Parents are invited to attend the following;

Monday – 10:30 am Lion Dance on the school field

Thursday – 12:15 – 1:00pm is the Chinese Talent Show in the Auditorium.  Traditional Dress can be worn on Thursday