Year 4 Newsletter Term 2 Week 8

Dates to note:

Tuesday, 18th June Spelling Cup

Friday, 21st June End of Term 2 – mufti day and school finishes 12:00pm

$20 donation goes to Christina Noble Children’s Foundation

Tuesday, 23rd July First day of Term 3


We have continued our study of sentence structure and complex and compound sentences.  Correct use of conjunctions helps to create these more interesting sentences. Now we are considering how a paragraph is put together, with a topic sentence and supporting details.  We have looked at cohesion within paragraphs, and a logical flow as each paragraph progresses. Finally, we have discovered the participant and pronouns in various paragraphs, noting how the pronoun must always relate logically to the participant.  We continue our reading of Storm Boy and study of descriptive words, phrases and sentences within that.


We are continuing with our ‘Ripper Rides’ unit, using fractions to develop a specific pattern to cover a given amount of a skateboard, surfboard or snowboard. To be successful at this, an understanding of angles, pattern, tessellation and 2D shapes was vital, as well as successful calculation of area.  We hope to have some completed board patterns by the end of term.

We know that over longer breaks from school, children need to maintain their reading, but did you know that they can lose even more in terms of mathematical rigor?  Below is a link to an interesting article about this, along with some (fun and practical) ideas to keep the ball rolling with maths, even when children are on holiday.

Chinese Week

What a successful week we had, thanks to the efforts of our Chinese staff!  We had a lion dance, workshops, a fabulous talent show and traditional clothing worn on Thursday.  Many of our students performed, with acts varying from skits, singing, Chinese fan dance and parasol dance. We were so proud of our Year 4 performers!

Book Week

Next term, we celebrate Book Week in Week 5. The theme this year is Reading is my Superpower.  On Friday 23rd August, we will celebrate with a dress-up parade and an assembly.

It would be great to collect photos of our students, building up their superpowers by reading a book over the holidays. Please email Mrs Atkins a photo if you get the chance at

3-Way Conferences

It is always such a pleasure to see parents taking part in their children’s learning at school on Student Led Conference day.  Thank you for coming! We could see how proud our students were to show you their learning at school and to take stock of just how far they have come in the past months with their development.    

Looking Back and Happy Holidays

What a packed program we had this term!  Thinking back, some of the highlights were:  Camp, Assembly, Anzac Day, Chinese Week, various one-day holidays, the School Showcase, Mother’s Day, Hong Kong Father’s Day (coming up this weekend!), Peer Support, taste-testing for Years 7 and 8 Food Technology, Wattle Mufti Day, Digital Technology with We Do cars,  just to name a few things that have happened this term!

We hope you have a happy holiday and that rest and relaxation features!  We look forward to welcoming the children back on Tuesday, 23rd July.


The Year 4 Team


Suzanne Sinclair

Celestine Yeung

Susan Blumenthal

Mark Wnek