Year 2 Newsletter Term 2 Week 8

Dear Parents,

What a busy fortnight we have had! We have had so many wonderful things happening at school in Year 2. Here is a brief snapshot of the past two weeks:

Chinese Week:

Chinese Week was a great success and the children were able to participate in a variety of different activities. They loved the Lion Dance and (most) children were excited by the loud drums and colourful lions. The Assembly was an impressive collection of pieces performed by all classes across Early Childhood. We hope you were able to view it or at least heard all about it. Attached are some photos of the different Year 2 classes dressed in their traditional Chinese clothes.


Children have been working hard to summarise all their knowledge to create their own text in the style of Julia Donaldson. Throughout the term we have focused on using interesting language, rhyme, repetition and alliteration I’m sure you have had a chance to view the final piece in your child’s Learning Journey. I’m sure you will agree that they did a fabulous job!


The past fortnight has been revising division and multiplication. We have also learnt about fractions and dividing shapes into halves, quarters and eighths. The children did a wonderful job dividing fruit and other objects at home in their homework.

Students also conducted their own survey in Mathematics. They collected data and recorded this as tally marks. Once completed, the transformed their tally marks into pictographs. A fun series of lessons and lots of information discovered!


In Science children summarised their knowledge of forces and pushes and pulls. They had to design a toy that uses a push or pull force and describe how it moves. Children were then asked to give feedback to another student using the thinking hats, Yellow (positive) and Black (improvements).

Student Led Conferences:

Thank you for your attendance at the Student Led Conferences. It is such a wonderful opportunity to celebrate your child’s progress. The students were excited and proud of all their achievements. We hope you enjoyed their tour!

Book Week

Next term, we celebrate Book Week in Week 5. The theme this year is Reading is my Superpower.  If you are travelling in the holidays you may like to keep an eye out for ideas for your dress-up costume. On Friday 23rd August, we will celebrate with a parade and an assembly.

It would be great to collect photos of our students building up their superpowers by reading a book over the holidays. Please email Mrs. Atkins a photo if you get the chance at

Upcoming Dates:


Final Day of Term 2

Friday, 21st June- Half Day, 12 Noon Finish, Mufti Clothes


End of Term Assembly

Friday, 21st June– 11am start

First Day of Term 3

Tuesday, 23rd July