ONE WONDERFUL WORLD – Term 2 Week 8 Newsletter


We continue to focus on “Author’s Purpose” using the text the The Bad-Tempered Ladybird as well as looking closer at how authors persuade readers.

At home: we encourage you to discuss the characters in books;

  • Is the character based on a living on non-living object?
  • Is that character similar to someone you know?
  • What facial expressions can you see in the illustrations?
  • Is there persuasive language in the text?


We are enjoying learning these new sounds and camera words :

because, two, another, more, here, our

and the phoneme /o/ (long o), for words with the spelling o, oa, ow & o_e.

You can help by finding these sounds and words in books your children read at home and help them write and spell them.


During Term Two, Year One students have been exploring the concepts of Chance, Length, Data, Addition, Subtraction, Place Value, Time and Fractions.

Students have been impressing the teachers by exploring fractions with a particular focus on halves. This includes half of shapes and half of groups.


Congratulations to all of the Year One students on their incredible effort in the Chinese Week assembly. The children spent lots of time in their Chinese lessons preparing and they put on a wonderful show. The colours on the stage looked spectacular and truly reflected the children’s vibrant personalities.


The Student Led Conferences were a success in Year One. It is always a joy to see the children to sharing their learning. They were so excited to show you all the wonderful things they have learnt in Term One and Term Two. Please find some time over the holidays to go through the Learning Journey folders again with your children, encouraging them to tell you what they are most proud of.


In Year One, the main focus for the holidays is to have quality family time filled with lots of play. If you are looking for some learning opportunities for your child. Here are some ideas:

  • Write a holiday journal – share it with the class when you get back
  • Observe the living things around you – ask questions
  • Think about a topic you might like to research together
  • Create your own Maths number boards
  • Create a informative or imaginative text
  • Send your class a letter or postcard




Next term in English we will be TRANSFORMING some of our favourite stories. Students will experiment by changing the characters, setting and plot to see how this can transform a story into a new one. We look forward to reading the creative stories our Year One students come up with.


In Term Three, we will continue our exploration of forward and backward number sequences and learn about money used in Australia and in Hong Kong. Students will also learn how to measure capacity and use directional language. We will begin to learn how coding works, both unplugged and plugged coding with the help of the Blue Bots.


In Term Three, we delve into “Change”. We will become scientists as we hypothesise, conduct experiments and discuss our results. Students will use their senses to consider what changes are occurring and consider whether these changes are reversible.


It has been wonderful to see the Year One students working together during Teamwork Time. They have been developing their teamwork skills and reflecting on what is important when working with others. We are looking forward to more Teamwork Time fun next term!


Next term, we celebrate Book Week in Week Five. The theme this year is Reading is my Superpower.  If you are travelling in the holidays you may like to keep an eye out for ideas for your dress-up costume. On Friday 23rd August, we will celebrate with a parade and an assembly.

It would be great to collect photos of our students building up their superpowers by reading a book over the holidays. Please email Mrs Atkins a photo if you get the chance at


Week 9:

  • Friday 21st June: Final day Term Two – 12pm dismissal – Mufti

Term 3

Week 1:

  • Tuesday 23rd July: Students start Term Three
  • Thursday 25th July: Stella Costume and Prop day
  • Please return portfolios to your class teacher

Week 2:

  • Wednesday 31 July: Jacaranda Mufti Day


Week 3:

  • Friday 9th August: Early Childhood Assembly (Value Star Awards)


Week 4:

  • Friday 16th August: No school for students Reception-Year 11


Week 5: Book Week

  • Friday 23rd August Book Parade and assembly

Warm regards,

Miss Beange, Mrs McCarthy, Mrs Negus and Mrs Toufeili