Reception Newsletter, Term 2 Week 8

Welcome Reception Parents

What a busy term we have had. Summer has arrived and the last week of Term 2 has arrived quicker than expected. With the weather being as unpredictable as ever with the humidity and rain we have been trying to keep cool and hydrated. Our last day of term will be Thursday 20 June, and after hopefully having an opportunity to escape some of this heat we will return on Tuesday 23 July for the beginning of another exciting term.

Our Learning

Student Led Conferences

Thank you, parents, for coming to visit our classroom this week. It was a pleasure to see some excited children talking to you about what we have been doing in Reception and going through our Learning Journeys. It was lovely to see the Reception children actively interacting with their parents and experiencing some our learning activities together. If you could please return the competed Stars and a Wish with your child’s Learning Journey at the beginning of Term 3.

Missing Koala!

We have been busy looking for our missing koala! It was a great mystery as to what had happened to our koala and the only clues, were photos from the school’s CCTV. We first discovered he had gone missing when we couldn’t find him in our classroom. We decided to make some missing koala posters to let people know we were looking for him and we hung them outside our classroom. We soon discovered our koala had been having a great time popping up in different locations in the school- climbing on our play equipment, playing piano in the music room, riding our tricycle and climbing our trees! We would quickly locate where he was only to discover he was not there, but he had left lots of evidence for us. The koala even left us a letter. Using our thinking bubbles, we decided he needed help finding our classroom again and put lots of arrows showing him the right direction to our room. Finally, we found him sleeping quietly in one of our trees in the classroom. We immediately gave him lots of hugs as we were so happy to find him again. What an adventure he has had!

Focused Learning

We were busy celebrating and participating in lots of different Chinese activities for Chinese week. We were able to go and see the Lion Dance which was super loud but also very colourful and exciting to watch. We also wore traditional Chinese costume which was a nice change from our school uniform, with lots of beautiful designs and colours. During our Chinese lesson we also practiced the Lion Dance with our own small version of the Lion head! We happily made lots of yummy dumplings and egg tarts out of playdough, delicious. We also made some sparkly lanterns to carry and hang at home.

After being super excited about finding our lost koala we thought he needed some friends to keep him company. We have been busy introducing him to baby koala, platypus, wombat and kangaroo. There has been lots of role-play and social language being used during this time. We also must remember to feed our new animals and keep them hydrated with plenty of water!  We have also made additional koalas out of playdough, some of which have been very much like the real thing.

We have been practicing our writing and shape drawing using the white board and markers. This is such a great medium for us to use as it provides us with the freedom to make mistakes and wipe them away as well as to repeat and consolidate ideas and meaningful mark making. We have been practicing our number writing, days of the week, shape drawing and shape writing. There has been a lot of wonderful writing and rewriting being done.

What Next?

There will be a few changes to the classroom over the holidays, we will close the shop and make way for the doctors to keep a close eye on the sick people. The office and small world play area will be updated and there will be a turn over of the building equipment and puzzles. Enjoy the break!