Growth Mindset

This week in our Pastoral Care lesson we concluded our topic on growth mindset. We have spent 4 lessons delving into the mysterious power of our brains and have been learning how the amygdala can trigger our anxiety and fears. When this happens, we can experience a loss of control which may trigger a fight-or-flight response.

By planning ahead and using preventative strategies we can better prepare ourselves for such moments and hopefully reduce our levels of fear and anxiety. As human beings, we have the ability to retrain our brains and our thoughts and choose different responses to fight-or-flight.

On Wednesday, Year 7 students, led a Year 7 assembly and performed growth mindset role plays which encapsulated key aspects from the topic. The performances were very entertaining and demonstrated that the students have indeed taken onboard some of the key themes that we have discussed. It has been a rewarding topic, and one which has been just as relevant to staff as well as students.

It is always a very sad occasion when students move on, and sadly we are saying goodbye to the following students this term: Luca Gleeson, Kaz Morse, Scarlet Knowling, Tilly Batman and Quincy Dawson. All students have been formally farewelled by their year groups and will be sadly missed. We wish all of them huge success and happiness in their future endeavours.








Ian Nelson | HSIE Teacher and Head of Year 7