[Recap] Performing Arts Showcase “Elements”

The Performing Arts Showcase “Elements” was held on Thursday 13 and Friday 14 to full capacity audiences in our Auditorium. The show featured 11 different groups of performers ranging from our Year 4 narrators, to Orchestra, Dance, Wind Band and String Ensembles to Year 10 and 11 drama, guitar, rock band, year 9 elective music and year 6 environmental song.

The range of music went from heavy rock with Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water” all the way back to JS Bach’s “Air on a G String” featuring interpretive dance.  Over 200 students were involved in the production in some way, whether through performing on stage or helping backstage or assisting with ticket sales and ushering, or whether being involved in many of the design or artistic sides of the show.

The concerts used the elements of “Water”, “Fire”, “Wind”, “Space” and “Earth” as its theme whilst connecting these to environmental issues associated with each element. The Showcase raised over $11,000 for the charity Plastic Free Seas which we hope, in the words of one of our last songs will really help to “Heal The World”.

The AISHK students, as ever, presented an excellent show on both nights. With much of the work and ideas led by the students themselves, they should be justifiably proud of the work they have achieved.







Peter Stapleton | Head of Performing Arts