Library News – Week 6 News

In the Library, we acknowledge special events from around the world with a display. This week, our display reflects Ramadan, an important event on the Muslim calendar. We have some beautiful picture books in the Library available for loan should you wish to borrow them.

A reminder, parents are welcome to join the Library and borrow books for your own reading pleasure or extra books to read to your children. The borrowing hours for parents are: 7:45-8:15am and 3-4pm.

At the recent Reading Workshop for Years 3-6, I mentioned a couple of great resources online. If you are a Facebook user, the group ‘Your Kid’s Next Read’ provides wonderful book suggestions for children to read. This is run by Australian Teacher-Librarian, Megan Daley and Author Allison Tait. Megan Daley’s recently published book ‘Raising Readers’ has been ordered and is on the way. Megan’s blog is also worth a