Year 6 Newsletter – Term 2 Week 6

Week 6 News

A buzz of activity has been echoing through the Year 6 classrooms as the students busily collate all of their hard work onto the much anticipated black presentation boards! The process is a great challenge and certainly a learning curve in research, drafting, editing, planning, time management and presentation. Planning the most aesthetically pleasing layout, cutting, gluing (learning how to do this with the greatest precision) are all the next steps of this beloved project.

With the whole school move from Integrated Studies to the Australian Curriculum (ACARA ) Human and Social Sciences Strand (HASS), the students and teachers alike have enjoyed learning about Australians who have made significant contributions to Australia and beyond. This change of topic from previous years has been to adhere to the ACARA Curriculum so that we offer our students the full Australian Curriculum and set our students up for success if they ever do return to Australia.  The Year 6 students are so excited about unveiling their hard work next week and showing the community what they have learnt. Reading their biographies and listening to them speak about their chosen person, the Year 6 students are all certainly fountains of knowledge on their incredible Australian who has made significant contributions to Australian and beyond. We have all learnt a great deal and discovered remarkable people who we were not necessarily aware of eight weeks ago. Each and every year, our research project never fails to bring energy and excitement to the Year 6 classrooms. Can’t wait to see you there on Monday the 10th of June.

Term 2 Week 6-8  Diary Dates

Week 7:

Friday 7th June – Public Holiday

Chinese Week

Week 8:

Monday 10th June – Australian Stories Exhibition

Tuesday 11th June – Student Led Conferences

There will be no Year 6 Assembly Friday 14th June (postponed to Term 3) due to the Performing Arts Showcase Preparation.


Students are very busily drafting, writing, peer editing, self-correcting and publishing their biographies which they have been writing on their Significant Australian. The Year 6 team have been very impressed with the synthesising, summarising and evaluating skills which have been on show.  Year 6 will continue to look at the sophisticated picture book Waves by Donna Rawlins, Heather Potter and Mark Jackson which tells the beautiful Migration story to Australia over the past 50,000 years. SHARP Reading has continued with our class text ‘True Spirit’ by Jessica Watson. Despite the amount of homework students are completing on their projects in anticipation of Australian Stories, Year  6 students must still be reading independently each night and recording it in their diaries.


Year 6 have started our next investigation titled ‘Fantasy Flight’ where students are investigating how to add, subtract and order decimals of any size, how to calculate use their knowledge of decimals to add and subtract money, time zones as well as how to read a timetable. They continue to practise their decimals, fractions and percentages skills daily.


History this week has been exceptionally busy as students continue to search for primary and secondary sources to deepen their knowledge of their significant Australian. Students have also been busy looking at the influences on the Australian Constitution and what has led to making Australia what it is today.  

Peer Support

Year Six have passed the halfway mark of their Peer Support program this term. There were some challenging activities in Week 6, but all students handled it with maturity and poise.

Life Education Activity Programme (LEAP) Van

Over the past two weeks, Year 6 have all been to the Life Education Van where they learned about the choices that they make. They were given information about the effects of alcohol and illicit drugs as well as strategies for handling stress as well as peer pressure.

Chinese Week:

Chinese Week has come around again and it all begins on Monday!  The week will kick off with the Lion Dance on the field at 10:30am. Parents are warmly invited to come and join us watch this quintessential Hong Kong experience.  The festivities continue with the Chinese Week Talent Show on Thursday at 12:15pm-1:00pm in the Auditorium. Parents are also invited to attend and feast in the fun and flair of our Year 3-6 students who have been practising their act.

A favourite day of the calendar, must of course be the day that all students and staff are encouraged to wear some Chinese dress to school. Students will be reminded that this is not a Mufti Day and their options are either something that is Chinese Dress (it could just be a simple element) or their school uniform. Year 6 students are encouraged to dress up and join in the spirit.

Chinese Week is always a very special week at AISHK, come and join us!

Year 6 Level Meeting

On Thursday, Mr Kean joined Year 6 for a year level meeting where we discussed online safety, expectations in Year 6, managing stress and strategies to support students to reach deadlines. Students were reminded to continue to talk to their parents about how they are feeling and ensure that their parents are aware of their social media and online activities. We understand that it is a busy time in Year 6 and we wanted to remind students that acting out on social media is not the way to maintain healthy relationships with their peers or make themselves feel better for the work that is happening in class. A quick reaction is not always the best approach. We discussed the importance of thinking before they press send or post. Ask themselves the questions: What would my parents or teachers say?  Am I feeling emotional? How would this make the other person feel? Would I like to receive this? How could this be interpreted? We encouraged all students to talk with their parents about these questions.

We ended our meeting with a group bonding activity where all students were asked to remark kindly on another student whose name was randomly picked from a container. There were miles of smiles indeed and the message certainly delivered that we all need to be kind, look out for each other and share this wonderful last year of Primary School together as a big team.

Student Led Conferences:

On Tuesday 28th May, a letter was sent out to all parents about Student Led Conferences. The booking form is now available. To all parents and can be accessed here.

Our students will be doing lots of preparation for the special day. Please remember that students only come to school for the hour, dressed in their school uniform. They will need their laptops. It is a celebration of their learning and all things that are positive and then there will be time to set some learning goals with your child. It is always a lovely to watch our students share their learning and the space where they spend so much of their time. We look forward to seeing you then.

Australian Stories Exhibition Reflections

“In the Australian Stories project, I have learnt so much about someone who I would never have known about if I hadn’t completed this research. I’m having a lot of fun and I’m excited to present my finished project.” Remi Apostolopoulis 6K

“I’m loving completing my great Australian Story. I’ve enjoyed finding out about the in-depth history of many great Australians and I’m excited to see the final projects that everyone has done and learn about their people.” Sarah Broderick 6K

I like the research that I have done. Howard Flory has inspired me because of his perseverance and leadership. I found out that he was friends with many famous people.”

Leo Huf 6K

I’ve really enjoyed learning about Mary Reiby. I found out that she blackmailed people into giving her what she wanted which I think is interesting.                                                                     Charlotte Christmas 6A

Making the boards has been so much fun. Whilst researching my Significant Australian, I have learnt so much!!

Liam Clowry 6L

Doing this project has been incredibly interesting as we have all learnt about people that we had never heard of. It’s been great!

Sienna McCarthy 6L

It’s been so rewarding finding out information about people that we have never heard about and the significant contributions that they have made.

Sienna Woodyard 6L

I think Australian Stories is so exciting as we get to learn so much information.

Kieran Mecurio 6S

It’s so interesting to learn about different incredible Australians and I had no idea about my person, Catherine Martin, until I began this project.

Mia Gollogley 6S

At the start of this project, I really didn’t know anything about Significant Australians, but now I have learnt so much.

Thomas Christmas 6S

Stella the Starfish:

Please see this note from Mrs Moore, Head of Early Childhood:

The preparations for our first costume and prop making day on Monday 3rd of June are moving along. We are gratefully accepting donations of plastic bottles and other recycled materials to make all of our props. At this point we are looking for paper rolls from handtowels or plastic/aluminium foil inserts and toilet paper rolls to make our coral. These can be bought in and left at the 2nd Floor art room. We are still looking for any volunteers we can get for our first prop day, I promise there are no high-level skills needed! If you can volunteer any time on the day the link is here. We would be pleased to have any Primary Parents who have a hankering for some craft making!