Year 6 News – Term 2 Week 4

Week 4 News 

An incredibly busy couple of weeks in Year 6 as Term Two has started with a flurry. This fortnight has seen the start of our Peer Support Program, a highly successful and enjoyable excursion to the Hong Kong Heritage Museum as well as the start of our Australian Stories project.

Term 2 Week 5-6 Diary Dates

Week 5:

Wednesday 22nd May – Wattle Mufti Day

Week 8

Monday 10th June – Australian Stories Exhibition

Tuesday 11th June – Student Led Conferences

There will be no Year 6 Assembly Friday 14th June (moved to Term 3) due to the Exhibition


Over the past few weeks, students have been busy with the Public Speaking Program. They are now busy developing their synthesising and summarising skills as we delve into texts to inform such as biographies. Students are thoroughly researching their Significant Australian and using these skills of finding key words, highlighting topic sentences and rewriting information into their own words. In reading, we are looking at multiple texts to inform, such as ‘True Sprit’ by Jessica Watson, videos on Caroline Chisolm and biographical websites on P.L. Travers to analyse and synthesis larger groups of texts. Our SHARP reading program continues as we look at texts at the class, group and individual student level.


In Mathematics, Year Six are finishing up the unit on probability and fractions. Students are using their skills in probability to predict outcomes and explain these using fractions and percentages. Next up in Maths this term, Year Six will be looking at decimals, money, time zones including longitude and latitude as well as using a timetable.


Students have been very busy over the past two weeks constructing and collecting all their work and research which will make up most of their Australian Stories research project. Whilst some of this has been completed at home, students are busy researching during history lessons and building on their understanding of their Significant Australian. We are expanding the sources of information to primary and secondary sources as well as using correct APA referencing guidelines to record our references. Hopefully our recent excursion to the HK Heritage Museum inspired our students with ways that they can display their information.

Peer Support

The first two weeks of Peer Support were a roaring success with students from Year Six practicing the leadership and management skills which they learned in their training day and during our in-class sessions. Students were put to the test being the teacher for a lesson each week managing behaviours and producing work of a very high standard. The Year 6 Peer Support Leaders were well received throughout the school with many teachers remarking on their maturity and professionalism. A wonderful start – well done Year Six!

Australian Stories Exhibition

Year Six Students should have now discussed their choices of which significant Australian they are focusing on for their exhibition with their parents and guardians. They are now in the thick of completing their research and the tasks which will make up their display.

It is vitally important that every student:

  • Saves their work every night on Google Drive.
  • Stays on top of the deadlines and asks for help if they are falling behind.
  • Shares their work with their parents to ensure parents can see progress throughout the next few weeks.
  • Starts thinking of a costume which represents an aspect of their character. This can include colours, symbols or character strengths which represent their person.
  • Thinks about next week’s focus on artefacts which can include photos, flags, images and objects made.

We would love for as many families as possible to join us Monday 10th June from 9am to 10:05am to visit the exhibition and explore the lives of Significant Australians as presented by students of Year Six. Parents are welcome to join us from 10:25 – 12:10 however it will be open to the whole school to attend during this time.


A quick reminder that we are using SeeSaw at AISHK. All parents are encouraged to sign up to view their child’s work throughout the term. Already this term, the students have uploaded videos of their speech, work with our health unit on supportive relationships and a reflection of the research skills which they have been focusing on in Library. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your child’s teacher.

Cyber Safety

Please can you ensure that you check your child’s social media use regularly. It is encouraged that parents have the passwords to their children’s accounts and be regularly checking who is messaging their child and the content of those messages. If you require assistance in monitoring your child’s social media use, please see this wonderful website from the Australian eSafety Commissioner We do not permit students access to their devices during a school day and understand that some students need to use phones to contact parents on their journey home. We continue to discuss safe and respectful ways of using social media in class through our ICT and health program as well as ongoing class discussions.

Student Led Conferences:

Just an early reminder that Student Led Conferences will be held on Tuesday 11th June. More information will be available in the coming weeks on how and when to book a time in to come in and hear about your child’s learning journey so far this semester.


Remember that the Year 6 Cultural Trip to Beijing will be from Sunday 13th – 18th October. More information will follow towards the end of this term.