Year 5 Newsletter – Term 2 Week 4


During the past 2 weeks, the Year 5 students have continued to hone their persuasive writing skills. We have looked at the use of emotive language and how to brainstorm our ideas and select our strongest arguments. Students have been reading each other’s writing and breaking down their own writing using 2 acronyms, WWW (What Went Well) and EBI (Even Better If). The feedback they have received from the teacher as well as their peers will help us moving forward as we continue to consolidate our writing skills. The coming 2 weeks will also be a time to consolidate our prior knowledge of grammar and punctuation. If you were able to attend the reading workshops hosted at school recently you would have seen the SHARP Reading program in full flight. We will continue to implement this program in our classes on a daily basis. When reading at home with your child you could try a strategy that is used in class. A student will explain their understanding of a sentence or chunk of text by starting with: “I think that means…”. This helps to break down sentences and probe for deeper understanding of a text as students are required use their own words and not “parrot” the words on the page.


In Mathematics, students have been exploring probability. We have created our own spinners, analysed whether games are “fair” or “unfair”, and even discussed famous TV game shows that utilise chance in their games. We analysed the data collected from some chance experiments to consolidate our knowledge of the concept. The students have also learned a helpful formula that allows them to calculate the perimeter of a rectangle with ease. Our investigation will continue with these topics and students will be designing “Sideshow Alley” style games that will test their knowledge of chance and probability as well as their use of the formula for the perimeter of rectangles.


Students have continued to explore animal and plant adaptations. We have broken down and defined the difference between a structural, behavioural, and physiological adaptation. We will now start to study various animals and look at their specific adaptations.


Year 5 has been continuing to explore the reasons colonies were established in Australia. We are looking at who these people were and why Australia was chosen to form these new settlements.


During this term, the students will be learning about what resources are around them that offer support both in person and online. Year 5 students had a visit from Miss Bernadette Spencer the School Psychologist. She discussed how the students can access as a resource if they are feeling worried, anxious or sad. Miss Spencer also mentioned what type of scenarios that students may want to talk with her about. Some of these include, managing change, difficulties with friends or if a student is worried about parts of their learning. At the end of the term we are aiming at having the students be able to identify 5 support resources. Please feel free to go to the suggested website with your child to explore what it has to offer.

 Year 5 News

Eucalypt will need their swimmers, towel, goggles and flip flops on a Wednesday for the next 2 weeks for Sport. We will continue to rotate the houses through our Wednesday afternoon sporting activities.

All Year 5 students will be attending the LEAP Van over the coming 2 weeks. This is a terrific opportunity for our students to consolidate their Health knowledge.

Congratulations to all our award winners from today’s Primary Assembly.