Year 4 Newsletter Term 2 Week 6

Dates to note:

3 – 6th June Chinese Week
11th June 3-way conferences (no classes)
13 – 14th June Music Showcase Performance (7:00 p.m.)|
18th June Spelling Cup
21st June End of Term 2 – mufti day and school finishes 12:00


We have been looking at the structure of sentences in depth this term. First, we defined the parts of simple sentences and worked with subject, verb and object in sentences.  Next we discovered that simple sentences are, in fact, independent clauses which led us to dependent clauses. Noun and adjective groups also contribute to building more complex and interesting writing.  Storm Boy is the text we are focusing on right now, as well as our usual reading groups and associated activities.


We have continued with our ‘Time of Our Life’ unit, delving into addition and subtraction of larger numbers and multiplication strategies also for larger numbers.  Among other investigations, students worked out how many days they have been alive! Our new unit is called ‘Ripper Rides’ and mathematical sub-topics include equivalent fractions, area, patterns, angles and tessellation.


Needless to say, Camp was an amazing experience for our students and teachers alike!  We are so happy that many parents joined our Instagram account and followed the various activities via photos.  From a teacher’s perspective, we could see the growth that often comes with facing challenge, and your boys and girls found they COULD do so many things that they doubted at the beginning.  There were tests of strength, speed, skill, trying new foods and staying away from home (and homesickness).

Taste Testers for Year 7 and 8

For the past several years, Year 4 students have been willing ‘taste testers’ for Year 7 and 8 creations around healthy snacks.  In Week 3, our students met their older partners in groups and they were presented with a number of ideas that had been formulated, choosing one.  Week 5 was the next visit and consisted of tasting the choice they had previously made. This was, of course, a very exciting and popular session! The final part of this session was to critique the snack for possible improvements.  The older students will now take away this sage advice and the last session will be in Week 8, when our Year 4s will check how their advice changed the snack – hopefully for the better!


What is an invasion of your home like? A few weeks ago our History unit – When Cultures Collide – kicked off with the Year 4 classes being invaded!  Our students had a brief taste of what it was like to have others take over your space and your things without understanding why. This led to rich discussions about how misunderstandings occur and how this has happened in history.  This then led to work on building understanding about Aboriginal culture and similarities and differences to European society and the impact of colonisation. Our Year 4 history studies will take us to the First Fleet and early settlement.


This term the Year 4 curriculum leads us to bullying.  What is bullying? How do we know what is bullying and what is just being mean? What forms does it take?  How can we deal with bullying? What is a bystander or an upstander? These are among the many questions that have been discussed during our Health this term.  Bullying is repeated, it is hurtful, it is on purpose and has a power imbalance. Our Health units, along with Peer Support and the LEAP van, help to ensure that our students’ well-being is of the very most importance to us as they navigate this tricky path of growing up!

2019 Showcase

Every second year our school does a Showcase of talent – drama, dance and art –  incorporating those who wish to participate from Years 3 – 12. This year the Showcase will be held on 13th and 14th June at 7:00 pm in the Auditorium and is themed around the elements – Fire, Water, Air, Space and Earth.  Tickets will be available very shortly. Our sincere congratulations and thanks to these Year 4 students who are taking part as actors: Kyra, Madeleine, Madeline and Riley from 4W, Georgina, Alice, Grace, Beatrix, Sienna and Sophie from 4Y and Gemma from 4S.

Chinese Week

Next week is Chinese Week!  Celebrations will take place all week within Chinese classes but there are also a few events that parents are invited to attend.  The Lion Dance will take place on Monday at 10:30 on the field (4th floor gym in the event of rain). It is always a fun event for all.  On Thursday, parents of Early Childhood are invited to their Assembly at 8:30 in the auditorium. The Chinese Talent Show will also be on Thursday, at 12:15 – 1:00 in the auditorium.  You are very welcome to come along and support our students who have put a lot of effort into their performances. All students are encouraged to wear Chinese traditional clothing on Thursday.

3-Way Conferences

Please sign up if you have not already done so for this event at school on 11th June.  This is not a regular teaching day, but rather a day for your child to show you and celebrate their learning.  Your time slot will give you time to see the classroom, help your child set some goals for the second Semester, meet up with the teacher and look at some of the things around the classroom.  We are looking forward to welcoming you!


Well done to all of our Year 4 students on an amazing assembly this morning!  You sang, played instruments and acted superbly and we are so proud of you!


The Year 4 Team

Suzanne Sinclair

Celestine Yeung

Susan Blumenthal

Mark Wnek