Year 3 Newsletter, Term 2 Week 2


It has been a great start to term two. The students certainly had plenty of stories to share of their exciting holiday adventures both abroad and in this buzzing metropolis that we are so lucky to be part of. We have welcomed one new student in 3H; Lara Hurley, who has fitted seamlessly into the classroom. Welcome Lara! The students have eagerly approached all tasks with focus and determination. Here is what we have achieved or are planning in our classrooms:


We have looked at why authors write texts. We have grouped various forms of writing into three main categories Persuade, Inform and Entertain (P.I.E). There were lots of interesting conversations especially over catalogues, movie reviews and gossip magazines as to which category they fit into. Ask your child what does persuade, inform and entertain mean. Possibly even choose some writing at home and get them to describe which category it would fit in and why. Additionally, please see below, information regarding the Year 3-6 reading parent workshop.


Our current mathematics investigation involves the addition of money, working out change and simple budgets. The main focus is Australian currency,  however, we do also look at Hong Kong notes and coins. Next week the students will be creating some mini stalls where they will be selling and buying goods. Your child will need to bring in three or four empty dry goods containers, i.e. cereal boxes, confectionary packaging or biscuit boxes.

Here are some activities you can do to get them thinking about this topic:

  • Ask your child to put a variety of HK coins into their pocket. Quiz them to see if they can pull the correct coin out without looking at it.
  • If you have any foreign currency in your house see if your child can they work out which note is worth more by the size or number, can they work out which coin is worth the most judging by the colour or size?


We have started looking at our topic of heat. This unit gives students opportunities to participate in science experiments in the classroom. We have discussed how heat transfers from one object to another, by either conduction, convection and radiation. Maybe if you are doing some cooking over the weekend talk about these forms of heat. Conduction is when one object touches another object and heats it up, i.e. pancake batter in a frying pan. Convection is when a source of heat, heats up air or water, which then causes it to heat up an object, i.e. a stove heats up water which creates steam which is then used to cook dumplings. Radiation is when heat rays or electromagnetic waves heat up an object, i.e. the microwave heats up food using electromagnetic waves.


Parents should also have received an invitation from your child’s class teacher to sign up for your child’s online journal through Seesaw. This platform provides great insight into the learning experiences your child is involved in at school and is shared directly with you through personal notifications.

Seesaw is one of the best online technology advancements available, bringing parents closer to their child’s learning than ever before.

  • To sign up click on your child’s class link:

3B =


3H =

3M =

  • Choose your child from the list
  • Create your account
  • Once the classroom teacher approves you, you can see content from your child using the free Seesaw Family app or using a computer at


Please see below the swimming schedule for Sport on Mondays. All other houses will rotate through soccer, dodgeball and capture the cone.

  • Week 3; Wattle
  • Week 4; No school (Day following Buddha’s Birthday)
  • Week 5 & 6; Waratah
  • Week 7 & 8; Jacaranda
  • Week 9 & Week 2 Term 3; Eucalypt

Hopefully, the weather clears for the weekend, we hope you have a fantastic time.






Dear Yr 3-6 Parents,

You are invited to join the Primary Leadership Team and teachers for a Primary Workshop which will demonstrate and discuss how we teach reading at AISHK in Years 3-6. This one-hour session will give an overview of how children learn to read, the practical application of what it looks like at AISHK, how to help struggling readers, and how you can support your child’s reading development.

Event Details

Please choose one of the following sessions to attend and register your attendance via the following form.

Wednesday 15 May from 6:30pm-7:30pm 


Thursday 16 May from 8:15am-9:15am

Venue: AISHK Auditorium


Please contact the Primary Office should you have any questions in this regard. We look forward to seeing you there.