Year 2 Newsletter – Term 2 Week 6

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Week 6 Newsletter. It’s hard to believe we are already in the last few weeks of Term 2, how time flies! Here is what the Year 2 students have been up to…


After the visit to Ocean Park, students reviewed their photographs and explained how the object, animal or machine moved through air or water, or across land. They have also had fun predicting and experimenting with objects that float and sink. There have been some messy lessons in the classrooms where children discovered the push and pull forces in water, in particular, the force that shoots a floating object upwards when it is released underwater. You can imagine the puddles and excitement!


Alliteration, noun groups, rhyming couplets…these are all features that the students have identified in Julia Donaldson texts that add enjoyment to her stories. This week, the students have taken on the challenge of using these features to create their own text in the style of Julia Donaldson. We look forward to sharing these with you on Seesaw and in the Student Led Conferences.


In numeracy we have been focusing on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We have been learning about a variety of strategies that we can use to solve these equations. The children have been revising strategies such as the jump strategy, counting on and back, doubles and near doubles. When learning about multiplication, the children have been using arrays to show their understanding of multiple groups of the same number. Watch out for the array game to play in homework this week!


The children have all attended a session in the LEAP VAN parked here at AISHK. You should have received a LEAP activity book for follow up activities at home. The children learned about healthy diets, the digestive system and had a lot of fun meeting Gerald the Giraffe!

Chinese Week

Next week is Chinese Week at AISHK. Some events that will take place include:

10.30am Monday –  Lion Dance on the field

8.30am Thursday – Assembly

12.15pm-1.00pm Thursday – Chinese Talent Show

Thursday is Chinese dress up day. Children can come to school in Chinese clothes. Please note they can wear traditional Chinese clothes or school uniform, however, this is not a mufti or casual clothes day.

Stella the Star Fish

Please bring in the following items until the end of term to support our Early Childhood Musical Stella the Starfish. We are trying to use as much recycled material as possible to create our set design and props:


Plastic bottle lids

Cardboard wrapping from deliveries

Bubble wrap

Plastic bags


Old umbrellas

Poster tubes

Clear plastic bags

Coffee filters

Please make sure all items are clean. All items can be placed in the boxes outside the art room or handed in to the classroom teacher.


A reminder that the Student Led Conferences will be held on Tuesday the 11th June. If you have not already signed up, please do so as soon as possible. All children will have their Student Led Conference on the 11th and only come to school in the hour of their conference. The teachers are looking forward to sharing your child’s learning journey with you!

Upcoming Dates

Week 7:

Chinese Week

Friday 7th June- Public Holiday, Dragon Boat Festival

Week 8:

Tuesday 11th June- Student Led Conferences

Week 9:

Friday 21st June- Final day Term Two