Year 2 Newsletter – Term 2 Week 4

Ocean Park Excursion

Year 2 had a wonderful time at Ocean Park on Tuesday. It was a hot day, but that didn’t stop us from finding a variety of different examples of animals, vehicles and objects that move through water, air and on land. Thank you to all our brave parent volunteers who came out and spent the day investigating with the children. We couldn’t do these trips without your ongoing support.


We have had a lot of rich information to review after our field trip to Ocean Park. The Year 2 students have been summarising what they saw and reviewing the photographs they snapped with examples of movement.

Children have also been learning about Aboriginal toys and games and describing the push/pull motion of these toys. Next week we will learn about how push and pull forces affect objects that move in the water by examining objects that float and sink.


In English, we have been building our vocabulary bank by identifying the language which describes characters and settings in Julia Donaldson books. The children then used this knowledge to create their own character and used adjectives to describe their creation. They have also been working on ‘quickwrites’, where they brainstorm as many adjectives as they can to describe a noun and then write sentences including these words.


Over the past two weeks, Year 2 have been using the jump strategy to explore the relationship between addition and subtraction. Children have also been trying to identify the missing number in addition problems by working out the difference between a number and the total. They have worked with abacuses and problem solved to work out how many number variations they can make on an abacus with a set number of beads.

Peer Support

Peer Support commenced in Week 3. Our Year 6 Leaders are doing a fantastic job running small groups and the Year 2 students have been very excited travelling to different classrooms to work with their house groups. Please ask your child about some of the games they have played during their Peer Support time.

Swimming Carnival

Today we had our Early Childhood Swimming Carnival! Well done to all our swimmers for your fantastic effort. It was a great celebration of our swimming lessons and an opportunity to see all the skills the children have learned put into action. We are also very proud of the Year 2’s for supporting our younger students and cheering them on during their races. They are showing excellent leadership skills!


We need your help!

If you can volunteer on either of our two making days ( Monday 3rd June and Thursday 25 July) please sign up HERE. We really need you!


Please bring in the following items until the end of term to support our Early Childhood Musical Stella the Starfish. We are trying to use as much recycled material as possible to create our set design and props:


PET bottles – clear/blue or green

Plastic bottle lids

Cardboard wrapping from deliveries

Bubble wrap

Plastic bags


Old umbrellas

Poster tubes

Clear plastic bags

Coffee filters

Please make sure all items are clean. All items can be placed in the boxes outside the art room or handed in to the classroom teacher.

Upcoming Dates:


Week 7:

Chinese Week

Friday 7th June- Public Holiday, Dragon Boat Festival

Week 8:

Tuesday 11th June- Student Led Conferences

Week 9:

Friday 21st June- Final day Term Two