Year 2 Newsletter, Term 2 Week 2

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to Term 2! We trust that you had a wonderful Easter break and enjoyed some quality time as a family. The children have come back rested and ready to learn and it has been fantastic catching up and hearing all of their stories. Term 2 promises to be busy and will fly by no doubt. We have already packed a lot into the first fortnight of learning. Here are some of the things we have been focusing on.

Year 2 Leadership Day
Year 2 Leadership Day was a great success and has helped our Year 2’s prepare themselves for their upcoming ‘duties’ on the playground and field. The children participated in mini-lessons, focusing on communication, listening skills, negotiating and dealing with problems on the playground. Each week, the students will receive one time slot where they will don the yellow fluoro vest and step out and assume their leadership role. Be sure to ask your child when their day is and chat to them about how it went!

See Saw
By now you should have received an email from your class teacher with instructions on signing up to Seesaw. Please ensure you follow the link. Seesaw is a fantastic way to foster discussions about your child’s learning at home. It gives a timely snapshot of what activities your child is engaging in at school. Activities do allow for parent comments and we encourage parents to give positive feedback from time to time. We kindly ask that you ensure comments are encouraging and focus on the good rather than suggestions for improvement. Your child’s teacher will be working on improvements in the class.

Upcoming Events
As part of our Science Unit, Year 2 are off to Ocean Park!! We are investigating physical science and forces, and our excursion will give us an opportunity to look at how different vehicles, objects and animals move through land, water and air. The excursion will be held on the 14th May. Please respond to the email sent out if you wish to volunteer.

Year 2 Assembly
Year 2 will be hosting the Early Childhood Assembly on the 10th May. This will also be a ‘Value Star’ Assembly where the Value Star Awards from Term One will be presented. It will commence at 8:30am in the Auditorium. We look forward to seeing you there!

Swimming Carnival
To celebrate the children’s achievements and learning throughout our swimming lessons, we will be holding our annual swimming carnival on the 17th May. The swimming carnival will run from 8:30am-12:15pm, with Year 2 participating from 8:30am-9:45am. Children will need to bring a towel, cap, goggles, a bag for their wet swimming costume as well as underwear to change into at the end. Please send your child to school with their house coloured shirt and with their swimmers underneath their uniform.

Swimming lessons are due to finish at the end of Week 3. From Week 4, Sport and PE will resume as per your class schedule sent out at the beginning of the year.

In Term 2 we will be using Julia Donaldson books to understand language structures and to flesh out what ‘appreciation’ means. In week one and two we have discussed how language structures add to our enjoyment of texts and we have revisited nouns and focused on vocabulary.

In Numeracy we are looking at whole numbers and investigating number sequences, beginning at any starting point. We have looked at hundreds charts and noticed patterns that occur when we add on the same amount. Next week we will be starting some location activities.

In Term 2 we will be exploring the effects of forces, particularly push and pull and how an object moves and changes shape. We will also be exploring how objects move on land, through water and in the air. The children’s thinking will be extended through our Library lessons, which will focus on researching the children’s wonderings about how objects move through air.