Year 1 Newsletter Term 2 Week 6


We continue to focus on “Author’s Purpose” and “What’s inside a book?” through an investigation of Eric Carle books. This fortnight focussing on The Very Hungry Caterpillar and moving onto The Bad-Tempered Ladybird. Year One students are beginning to explore the idea that characters can be created from any living or non-living object and given human qualities.

At home: we encourage you to discuss the characters in books;

  • Is the character based on a living on non-living object?
  • Is that character similar to someone you know?
  • What facial expressions can you see in the illustrations?


We are getting ready to delve into these new camera words and phonemes which we will explore for the remainder of the term:

because, two, another, more, here, our

and the phoneme /o/ (long o), for words with the spelling o, oa, ow & o_e.

You can help by finding these sounds and words in books your children read at home and help them write and spell them.


During Term Two, Year One students have been exploring the concepts of Chance, Length, Data, Addition, Subtraction, Place Value, Time and Fractions.

Students have been impressing the teachers by using a number board to show everything they know about a given number. This includes showing the 3 numbers before and after, 10 numbers before and after, drawing it, naming it, separating it into tens and ones and using it in a number pattern.

SCIENCE (and the Flower Market!)

Not even the rain could dampen the spirits of the Year One students this week! All 4 classes thoroughly enjoyed looking at and smelling all the wonderful varieties of flowers and plants at the market.  Even more exciting was the opportunity to purchase a plant of their choice to take home and care for. A special thank you to the parents who assisted on our excursion either on the bus or by meeting us at the Flower Market.


Congratulations to all of the Year One students on their incredible effort presenting the Early Childhood assembly last week! They showed off their talents with pride including bike riding, running, karate, drawing, reading, puzzle making, creating, ball sports skills, singing, piano playing, gymnastics, dancing, skipping and hula hooping! They then finished the show with an energetic dance to tell us that when they do things they love, they have the BEST TIME EVER!


Week 7 is Chinese Week and we have a lot of exciting events to look forward to!

Monday: Lion dance (10:30 on the field – parents welcome to join)

Thursday: Chinese traditional dress (Students are welcome to wear Chinese traditional dress or school uniform, this is not a general mufti day)

Thursday: Early Childhood Assembly (8:30 in the auditorium – parents welcome to join – students will be performing a dance they have learnt in Chinese class)


We need your help!

Please bring in the following items until the end of term to support our Early Childhood Musical Stella the Starfish. We are trying to use as much recycled material as possible to create our set design and props:

Paper towel rolls

Toilet rolls


Plastic bottle lids

Cardboard wrapping from deliveries

Bubble wrap

Plastic bags


Old umbrellas

Poster tubes

Clear plastic bags

Coffee filters

Please make sure all items are clean. All items can be placed in the boxes outside the art room or handed in to the classroom teacher.


Week 7:

  • Chinese Week
  • Monday: Lion dance – 8:30 field (4th floor gym if wet weather)
  • Thursday: Chinese traditional dress day (or school uniform)
  • Thursday: EC Assembly – 8:30 auditorium
  • Friday 7th June: Public holiday – Dragon Boat Festival

Week 8:

  • Tuesday 11th June: Student Led Conferences

Week 9:

  • Friday 21st June: Final day Term Two


Warm regards,

Miss Beange, Mrs McCarthy, Mrs Negus and Mrs Toufeili