One Wonderful World – Year 1 Newsletter – Term 2 Week 4


As we settle into the term, the Year 1 team would like to gently remind families to take note of the following grade procedures and expectations:

  • Morning drop off – all children to be dropped on Level 1 before 7:55am. Only when the bell rings, can they come upstairs to their classes. All children should be in their class by 8:15am. If your child is running late, please sign them in at the Primary Office on Level 3.
  • School Diary – please sign the diary each day and empty outdated materials. Teachers and parents can use the diaries to communicate messages as these are checked daily. You can record home reading texts here.
  • Independence – please encourage your child to pack their own school bag at home. At the end of the school day, they are expected to pack their diaries and lunch boxes themselves, and more practice at home with this will be beneficial.


We continue to focus on “Author’s Purpose” and “What’s inside a book?”

We are building on the students understanding of the features of informative texts and comparing them to imaginative texts. It is pleasing to see the students confidently share their understanding and notice how authors use the world around us and real-life events to create imaginative texts.

At home: we encourage you to read both informative and imaginative texts and discuss what the differences are and how they inform us about the world around us and give us enjoyment.


This fortnight and next, we continue to learn the camera words:

her, about, down, out, there, his

and the phoneme /i/, for words with the spelling i, ie, igh and i_e


During Term 2, Year 1 students will be exploring the concepts of Chance, Length, Data, Addition, Subtraction, Place Value, Time and Fractions.

This fortnight, students continue to use their problem solving skills by thinking about reversing problems:

“If the answer is 5, what is the question?”

The teachers have been very impressed by the creative ways students have interpreted this process and presented their ideas.


As we continue to explore our unit Living Things, we took some time to explore the special features animals have that allow them to live in different environments. In particular, we looked at how seemingly similar animals (polar bears, panda bears and brown bears) have adapted over time to survive in their habitats.

We are conducting an experiment to determine the needs of plants by taking away light, water, soil (food) and air.  After making predictions, our daily observations of the plants are helping us form conclusions about what plants need to survive, and what happens when these needs are not met.

As part of this unit, Year 1 will be going on an excursion to the Flower Market in Mong Kok. If you haven’t yet filled out the permission note via the link sent from the Primary Office, please do so ASAP.

1B and 1N – Tuesday 28 May

1M and 1T – Wednesday 29 May


Congratulations to all of Early Childhood on their amazing effort throughout the swimming lessons and the swimming carnival today. It was fabulous to see, hear and feel the excitement today as Prep, Year 2 and Year 2 students took to the pool! The students should all be very proud of the progress they have made during their swimming lessons.


With Seesaw up and running, we hope it is providing opportunities for rich conversation at home between you and your children. The students are excited to upload photos and videos of their work and be able to share their learning with you.

Thank you for all the encouraging, supportive and positive comments you have been leaving on Seesaw. The students love hearing how proud you are of their work.


We need your help!

If you can volunteer on either of our two making days ( Monday 3rd June and Thursday 25 July) please sign up HERE. We really need you!

Please bring in the following items until the end of term to support our Early Childhood Musical Stella the Starfish. We are trying to use as much recycled material as possible to create our set design and props:


PET bottles – clear/blue or green

Plastic bottle lids

Cardboard wrapping from deliveries

Bubble wrap

Plastic bags


Old umbrellas

Poster tubes

Clear plastic bags

Coffee filters

Please make sure all items are clean. All items can be placed in the boxes outside the art room or handed in to the classroom teacher.


Week 5:

  • Friday 24 May: Early Childhood Assembly (Hosted by Year One)

Week 6:

  • Tuesday 28 May: 1B + 1N Flower Market Excursion
  • Wednesday 29 May: 1M + 1T Flower Market Excursion

Week 7:

  • Chinese Week
  • Friday 7 June: Public holiday – Dragon Boat Festival

Week 8:

  • Tuesday 11 June: Student Led Conferences

Week 9:

  • Friday 21 June: Final day Term Two

Warm regards,

Miss Beange, Mrs McCarthy, Mrs Negus and Mrs Toufeili