Reception Newsletter, Term 2 Week 6

Welcome Reception Parents

We have enjoyed having tadpoles in our classroom over the last few weeks and have been very keen to look for any legs that may be growing. We have had to give them back as they were getting too big and needed some more space to grow and change. In our classroom we have continued to look at life cycles and the stages of change that happen to frogs and butterflies.

Our Learning

Wattle Mufti Day

We had another fun mufti day or as some of us may have said muffin day! We had lots of Wattle activities to share with the big Year 6 students who came to visit us. We enjoyed wearing splashes of yellow and helping to raise money for Wattle’s charity One Sky. With help from Year 6 we made some bumble bee hats that were sprinkled with sparkly glitter, made yellow pasta necklaces and shared snack time with them. We enjoyed showing them all the different activities that are in our classroom. We ended our day with a delicious cake from the cake stall.

Social Play

There has been a shift in play over the last few weeks with lots of social play being explored in the classroom and outside. Recently there has been more group play where the children interact in a meaningful way and everyone is cooperating to achieve a common goal. This type of play involves a level of negotiation among the group particularly regarding which role everyone will have and turn taking of the different roles and story plots. The most common themes of social play that we are re-enacting now are “cats and dogs” and “mums and dads” as both are familiar to us and we understand the roles these characters take. We have set some tents up in the classroom where we have had picnics, gone camping and put our dogs to sleep.

Focused Learning

Over the last few weeks we have been making patterns with block and sponge printing. This activity allowed us the freedom to explore with creativity and imagination. We explored the patterns the blocks and sponges transferred onto paper, mixing coloured paint together and creating shapes and pictures with great enthusiasm. There was lots of printing, swishing, dragging and squishing of the shapes covered in paint over the paper.

We have also been building our fine motor skills and hand eye coordination by wrapping string and wool around twigs. It was a little challenging at first but as we got the hang of it, we were able to make some lovely patterns with the wool. This has also inspired us to do some drawing of the sticks and leaves on the table. Some of our other focused activities have been scissor cutting and dot painting.

We have also used our pebbles and small rocks to make patterns. The ability to recognize and create patterns help us make predictions based on our observations; this is an important skill in math. Understanding patterns help us to learn and begin to understand number concepts. They also allow us to see relationships and develop generalizations. We have also been making patterns with our bodies using simple clap, clap, tap movements. Some of the body movement songs we have been moving and grooving to have been “Get Up To Get Down” and “Shake It Out” and it is a little hard to say which one is our favourite!

There has been some exploration of The Hungry Caterpillar book as this is a great connection to the life cycle concept we have been looking at with the tadpoles and it is also a fun way to learn the days of the week! We have been making fruit prints and counting how many plums and strawberries the caterpillar has eaten. We have made some caterpillars with our foam and re told the story using magnet visuals. We were even lucky enough to find real hungry caterpillars on the roof top- they were fuzzy and spikey munching on crunchy leaves!

What Next?

Next week is Chinese week and we will be looking at Hong Kong and the things we like to do and eat that are connected to Chinese culture and making some dragon boats. We will continue to look at patterns and explore the patterns we can see in the environment.

Some important dates for Chinese week;

  • Monday 3 June at 10:30am Lion Dance
  • Thursday 6 June Chinese Dress Up- Traditional Chinese Dress


Just a reminder that at pick up times children must always be seated and supervised in and around the cafeteria area as this is a busy space that lots of people use. Thank you.