Reception Newsletter – Term 2 Week 4

Welcome Back Reception Parents

We have had a great few weeks in Reception counting down the days until our superstar mums visited us and spent time with us in our classroom. Thank you for making a necklace, painting, doing some collage and reading with us, we hope you liked our singing and dancing.

Our Learning

Our Mums Are Superstars!

We have been counting down the days until our special guests arrived and practising our Mother’s Day song and dance. Finally, the day arrived, and we were super excited to have our mums come and spend some time in our classroom. We enjoyed showing them our favourite activity, doing some threading and painting with them, choosing a book to read. It was our first time having special visitors and it was lovely to see both mums and Reception children enjoying the time and activities. Thank you for visiting us!


We have once again had an opportunity to look at real tadpoles and we are hoping these slightly older ones stay for a little longer. We have been looking at the life cycle of the frog and using language such as first, then and next to describe the life cycle. We have been using the magnifying glass to have a closer look at the tadpoles and using the clip boards to draw and write what we see. Reception children are using life cycle labels and small replicas to find and match together. We have also been using nonfiction books to learn more information about the frog and its lifecycle.

Focused Learning

We have been doing lots of experiments over the last few weeks. We started off with mixing coloured water using the eye droppers and seeing what new colours we could make. We then added some oil into the mix to see what would happen. We have been mixing bubbles and corn flour and seeing who could blow the biggest bubble. We have enjoyed this process and having the freedom to make a mess. These activities allow us to practice using our little muscles and develop our hand eye coordination.

Along with using the magnifying glass to enlarge the things we see, we have also been looking at tiny slides of nature through the microscope. This can be a little tricky as we can only use one eye! This has introduced us to different words that we can use to describe big such as magnify, huge, bigger and little such as tiny, small and itsy. We have enjoyed looking at the different patterns that we can see through the microscope.

Before the weather becomes too hot for us, we have been exploring the roof garden which we love. We have been splashing around in the water, filling buckets and making rivers. We have enjoyed making shapes with the ribbons and fluttering around with our butterfly wings. The roof garden is also a place where we take our shoes off and run around enjoying the feel of the grass and rocks. There are lots of different surfaces for us to feel with our bare feet and to navigate with our bodies. We need to tip toe over the bridge, hop from rock to rock and jump in puddles of water. We have also enjoyed looking at the different plants and grasses that grow and make our roof top a garden.

There are many benefits for not wearing shoes and in Reception we have been exploring not only the roof garden but our classroom in our bare feet. Research suggests that walking in bare feet strengthens the feet and body, helps us with our balance and coordination, and helps us to develop kinaesthetic awareness and the sensory systems of our growing bodies. We have been kicking those shoes off and enjoying pitter pattering around our classroom.

What Next?

We will continue to monitor the tadpoles and are patiently waiting for some legs to grow. We will continue to look at changes through songs and stories such as The Hungry Caterpillar and I Don’t Want to Be A Frog! We will continue to explore counting concepts and number through rhymes and songs such as The Ants Go Marching and Numbers Rhumba. We will also be exploring patterns with our bodies and following a simple sequence.


Wattle Muffti DayWednesday 22 May is Wattle Mufti Day and we will be participating in this whole school event. If we can please wear our gym uniform and something yellow on the day that would be great, there are more details in the diary note.

Request- We are collecting some items for the Early Childhood department and if you have any of the following items that you would like to get rid of please bring them into school!

  • Newspaper
  • PET bottles – clear/blue or green
  • Plastic bottle lids
  • Cardboard wrapping from deliveries
  • Bubble wrap
  • Plastic bags
  • Ribbons
  • Old umbrellas
  • Poster tubes
  • Clear plastic bags
  • Coffee filters