Prep Newsletter – Term 2 Week 4

Can you believe we are moving into Week 5 already and that we are a halfway through Term 2! The Prep students had a busy week 4 with their first ever Peer Support session with all the other year levels, their last swimming lessons for the year and their Mother’s Day pampering afternoon! It was a lovely afternoon for all.


We return to our PE and PMP program from week 4.

Home Reading Program

Don’t forget to continue reading with your child every night.

We encourage you to log on to Phonics Hero. or you can download the App. Your child’s login details are found in their school diaries. Please continue to practice reading unit 1 and unit 2 camera words both in isolation as well as in sentences. The camera words are for Unit 2:


I to the she was are
he of day today a for

Speaking & Listening

The main theme of our weekly topics is about the weather. Please continue to support your child in their preparation for the speaking and listening tasks as this not only a good opportunity to develop speech delivering skills but also confidence to speak in front of peers.

Here is a list of speaking and listening tasks for the rest of Term 2:


Week 5 Make a collage (using pictures from magazines/shopping brochures/internet) about the things you like to eat, drink and wear when it is hot
Week 6 Be a weather forecaster and tell the class what the weather might be like tomorrow
Week 7 Share a photo of extreme weather and describe it
Week 8 Pick a weather symbol and tell the class what it means
(Lots of choices on HK Observatory website)
Week9 Free choice


In Literacy, students are being exposed to storytelling from different cultural backgrounds (Western, Indigenous and Chinese). At home, discuss with your child and ask questions about what made the story good, was it the characters, the words, the illustrations.


We will be exploring time by connecting days of the week to familiar events and ordering events in sequence using everyday language. We will also be focusing on counting and addition. In counting continue to recognise numbers in sequence, counting on and counting back. For addition, we are exploring strategies to support students thinking and not necessary focusing on the answer. By showing how we can problem solving through drawing, using concrete materials, using tens frames can support the students mathematical thinking.


We continue to explore weather. Students are developing skills of observing, recording and discussing their findings. At home we encourage you to look out the window and talk about what type of weather it is outside!

Peer Support

We are so proud of not only the Prep students attending their first ever Peer support activities, but also the Grade 6 leaders for collecting the Prep and being their friend and guiding them through their activities.

Early Childhood Musical


We need your help!

If you can volunteer on either of our two making days

(Monday 3rd June and Thursday 25 July) please sign up HERE. We really need you!


Please bring in the following items until the end of term to support our Early Childhood Musical Stella the Starfish. We are trying to use as much recycled material as possible to create our set design and props:


PET bottles – clear/blue or green

Plastic bottle lids

Cardboard wrapping from deliveries

Bubble wrap

Plastic bags


Old umbrellas

Poster tubes

Clear plastic bags

Coffee filters

Please make sure all items are clean. All items can be placed in the boxes outside the art room or handed in to the classroom teacher.

Important dates:

  • Primary Leap Van visit from 20 May – 4 June
  • Wattle Mufti Day, Wednesday 22 May
  • Student led-conference, Tuesday 11th June