Stingrays May Swim Meet (10th -12th May)

AISHK sent our Junior and Senior swimming team of 33 swimmers to the Stingrays Invitational Swim Meet at Hong Kong International School in Tai Tam from 10th to 12nd May. The meet was three days long and 13 schools and swim clubs from overseas joined such as those from Tokyo, Philippines, Korea, and China.

The team started their races on Friday afternoon, and it was a good warm up session for our team to complete the 200m Individual Medley (IM) and 4x50m Medley Relay.

On Saturday morning, Bernice Siu won the Bronze medal in the 10-12 years age group for 200m Breaststroke. Lorraine Tang followed shortly after, won the Gold in the 100m Backstroke in the girls 13-14 years age group. She also won Silver in 100m Freestyle. Alistair Chan won Silver in the 100m Backstroke in the boys 13-14 years age group. He also won Bronze in the 100m Freestyle.

For Saturday afternoon’s session, our team performed extremely well. There were more and more Personal Best times (PB) on our team. Lorraine and Alistair won gold in their 100m Breaststroke events.

On Sunday morning, we finished off the Stingrays meet with Lorraine winning gold in the girls 50 f/s in 27.72 second. In the 13-14 years boys 50 f/s, Alistair finished with 26.53 second hitting the wall in the first place to take the gold medal. Also, our fastest swimmer, Temana Short finished with 25.13 second in the Boys 15 and over with 50 f/s event and got the Silver medal. The most excited event was the 4x50m Freestyle relay at the end of meet. Our 14 and over years Boys team with Temana Short, Connor McGrath, William Phillis, and Henry Phillis got the Silver in the 4x50m Freestyle relay. And this is the last year for them to swim together as a relay team. It was a very wonderful and memorable time for them.

At the presentation ceremony, Lorraine received her trophy for the 13-14 years girls age Champion, while Alistair received a trophy for 1st runner-up in the 13-14 years boys age group. The thirty-three AISHK swimmers finished the meet with five Gold, six Silver and ten Bronze medals.

Well done, everyone! Although this meet was long and tough, our effort was worth it and it is a good experience for swimmers to learn from each other throughout the meet.

Eric Yeung | ECA Co-ordinator / Swim Program Manager