[Recap] SDRC Basketball Tournament

AISHK was proud to host this years SDRC Basketball Tournament involving schools from Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. As part of this event, and crucial to the success, we thank all our homestay hosts for catering to the 80 students from China who come to compete in the 11th year of SDRC tournaments. As hosts, we entered two girls teams and one boys, all who performed exceptionally well. Congratulations to our coaches, Mr Pilgrim, Mr Morgan and Mr Wookey who gave all our athletes the best opportunity to perform to their potential.

AISHK Boys Basketball

The SDRC boys basketball team displayed a high level of skill, teamwork and grit to fight through their 5 pool games undefeated. All players executed important roles for the benefit of the team and contributed to important minutes on the court.  Since the inception of the SDRC competition in 2008 AISHK had not been victorious in the boys part of the draw.  Whilst AISG had dominated the competition over the proceeding years AISHK had a clear game play for the championship match.  Nullifying AISG’s scoring power with stifling defence and our ability to pass long in transition AISHK boy’s claimed their first ever SDRC Basketball title.

AISHK Girls Green Basketball

The SDRC girls’ basketball team went into the competition with low expectations and a bit of doubt that they could make it through until the finals. But with the focussed trainings and support from friends, family and coaches, they managed to make it into the finals. Winning 4 out of 5 of their pool games they entered in to the high-tension final with confidence, and missed first place by only two points. Although they were very disappointed, the girls were extremely proud of their efforts, for some their last SDRC tournament. A huge congratulations to all the players for all the efforts involved in this competition.

AISHK Girls White Basketball

The AISHK Girls White team came into this year’s SDRC tournament relatively inexperienced with many players playing in their first ever competitive games of Basketball. It was a great learning experience for all of the team who really bonded and improved across the course of the 7 games. Built around their athleticism and a competitive attitude the team managed to put all of our opponents under pressure throughout all of our games. It was pleasing to see each of our players showcasing some impressive improvement and game play across the weekend. The team finished in 4th place out of 6 teams with some highly competitive games in the Semi Final and 3rd 4th Play off which demonstrated just how far the girls had come. Given more time to practice and work on our skills this will be a team to be feared in the future.

A huge thank you to the girls and boys for their excellent attitude and hard work across the tournament as well as the amazing support provided to the team by their parents, friends and AISHK staff.